Anyone who owns a motor vehicle or other power dependent devices should have a battery charger. This way it is easy to have power when it is needed. They also help to keep your power source in working condition and help them last longer.

A smart battery charger is one that is equipped with a microprocessor. This allows it to read how much juice is needed and to detect when to go into maintenance or trickle mode so as not to overcharge.  These handy devices have three or more stages to ensure that they get the job done right.

The first stage is known as the boost stage. At this point, they generate as much current as they are capable of. This is what the attached power source gets until it is approximately three–quarters filled. The second stage, absorption, now comes into play and at this point the current is reduced.

During the absorption stage, charging continues until the optimum power level is reached. The smart battery charger at this point drops the current and goes into the maintenance or float stage. Being smart, it will not allow overcharging or undercharging to occur.

They are available for use on power sources for just about any vehicle namely cars, RVS and marine craft. These handy devices come in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts. As technology improves, the range of power sources is also expanding.  These more advanced types will detect the type and size and treat it accordingly to prevent damage.

With portable types available, there is little reason to have a dead power source once you have an electrical outlet. Best of all, there are some brands that also use solar power. This means that under the right conditions, you will be able to choose your method.

The design of some types allow for more than one connection at a time. This is convenient, efficient and cost effective as well. The fact that you can use these devices even when storing a vehicle makes them a must-have accessory.

If you need one of these devices you can obtain them from a number of sources online. When buying these accessories, whether online or in a brick and mortar store, ask questions. You want to make sure you get the right type for your needs and your vehicle.

Tips for Making the Right Choice

The main choice anyone considering buying a battery charger is faced with is whether to get a smart one or a more conventional type. In many cases, buying a smart battery charger makes more sense even though they are more expensive. Some of the reasons for this are:

* It is less likely for a situation where the too much or too little power is provided. These are big problems with other types of battery charger products on the market. Too much time on these devices can cause damage. Failure to reach the top power level results in getting less mileage from power sources.

* These charge a lot faster than other types.

* They give a fuller and safer charge making your power source last longer after each session. The fact that they can read voltage levels translates to savings since less electricity is used.

* Once the maximum power level is reached, a smart battery charger will switch to trickle mode to maintain this level until the power source is removed.

When it is all added up, the benefits of buying a smart battery charger far outweigh the initial purchase cost. Plus, they extend the life of your power source so it does not have to be replaced quickly. These are ideal for vehicles whether they are regularly used or parked for some time.