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Easy to use, super handy, huge book selection that downloads wirelessly, cheap books, awesome for reading in bed.


Not good for reference books, hard to find specific spots in the book

Full Review

The decision of whether or not to purchase an Amazon Kindle Wireless E-Reader device can be a big one. It seems like such a cool gadget, but what if you spend the money and regret the decision later? Hopefully after reading my review of the Kindle, you will feel more confident in your decision, whatever it is! For me it was an easy decision, I HAD to have one! I have had mine for approximately 2 years and I L-O-V-E it! It's definitely not for everyone but it was the right choice for me. If you absolutely love to own books and enjoy re-reading them then this is a great way to go. If you live for the feel of the pages between your fingers and the feel of a book in your hand then I wouldn't spend the money.

For me the best part about the Kindle is the ever-expanding selection of books to choose from wirelessly. It's like carrying around the best book store in the world right in the palm of your hand. If you find a book that isn't in Kindle format, just suggest it to the folks that run Amazon and you just might get what you wish - I did just that and within one month my book had been Kindle-ized!

This machine has features galore! One of my faves is the lookup function. Say you are reading along and you come to a word that you don't understand, the Kindle will look it up for you and give you the definition and also some synonyms and antonyms - who wouldn't love that?! The screen is also super easy on the eyes as Amazon uses technology called e-ink so that the words on the Kindle screen appear much as ink on paper. You can also leave a bookmark in as many different places as you want so that you can come back to a section later. I love that I can be comfortable reading and sitting/laying in any position because the turn page button has been strategically placed for easy reach. I also don't get hand cramps trying to hold open a book with an extra-tight binding or trying to hang on to a 5 lb behemoth!

There are also tons of resources on the internet where you can get free, yes, I said FREE!, content for your Kindle. Amazon itself has monthly selections that you can try for free. Usually these come from authors that want to get you hooked so that you purchase the rest of their work and there's some pretty good stuff there! There are also external websites where you can get lots of free Kindle books. Guttenberg Press is one of these where many of the "classics" are there for your free viewing pleasure. This was where I first read Jane Eyre and other great novels.

I would also like to point out that the Kindle holds thousands of books in it's lightweight, tiny little package and who couldn't use a little more space in there life?? Oh... I almost forgot to mention the great prices of the Amazon books. For the most part, new books are right around $10 and there's many more that are $4-6!! I usually wait a month or so for the price of a new book to go down but if you're the type that buys the hardcover editions right away and hates spending the $30-40 then this is a seriously good alternative!

The one thing I wouldn't recommend the Kindle for is any type of reference or work book. The Kindle does not have page numbers, rather each character is given a number. Therefore, if you were reading along and a seciton of the text refers you back to the diagram on page 46, it would be your best guess as to finding the right spot! I read a birthing book on the Kindle that had suggestions of how to relax during labor but after lots of later searching couldn't locate that section and decided that such books were best purchased in paper form.

In Closing

In closing, I purchased my Kindle when it was $300+ and I don't regret the purchase for a second and it has saved me money in the long run. Now that you can get one for $140, there's no reason not to pull the trigger and get one for yourself! There will always be a place for print books, but if you're just a casual reader like me and want the ease of having all of your reading in one place then I suggest you purchase an Amazon Kindle wireless e-reader device and "kindle" your reading fire today!