Why Can’t the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Be Sold for Under $1000

So you're looking for a nice affordable or even cheap digital single lens reflex camera. It is nice to dream and wish for one of the finest reflex camera from Canon to be as cheap as a point-and-shoot camera. Some people have said that you don't need an expensive $3500 camera to be a professional photographer. They argue that if you know what you're doing, you can pick up any old bridge camera for under $1000 and still get good pictures. It is true that some cheaper well put together cameras can give you good value for money and produce great high-quality pictures. That said, if you were to ask the same people if they would rather have a single lens reflex camera or a bridge camera if both were sold for the same price, most will choose the DSLR. The truth shall set you free. Everyone wants the Canon EOS Mark III camera for under $1000. You might be able to get it from a dodgy seller but if you are on minimum wage, you will have to stick with your hundred dollars cheap point-and-shoot cameras.

So what  do you get with this 5D Mark III Canon device that you don't get with the predecessor called the Mark II? Nothing? The simple answer is, you don't need the 5D Mark III but you definitely want. It is true that those who have been using the previous version have been very happy with the product. They have been able to do almost everything they wanted to when it comes to photography. Buying the new device is just like buying a new car. The old one will get you from A to B without hassle. However, the new one is different because it is new and it has a lot of functionalities that you will never use. It will also make your neighbors very jealous because they can’t afford to upgrade.

A lot of the reviews about this camera have been very positive albeit subjective. One of the ironic things about people reviewing any type of digital single lens reflex camera is that they are passionate and will likely give it good ratings. Some will try to find a negative point about the camera just to give their article a more balanced view (it comes in black but pink would have been better). There is nothing like a perfect digital camera but this Canon device is not for the poor. That is not because it comes with 22.3 megapixels, a very nice CMOS image sensor, a great viewfinder with hot shoe to connect an external flash, high dynamic range, but 3.2 LCD screen for playback and viewing pictures, image stabilizer, up to six frames per second, and a lot more. It is not cheap if you only plan to take pictures of your grandmother and sell it to the lowest bidder.

When you are addicted to gadgets and you are passionate about photography this Canon device will make you happy. You will be able to take a lot of pictures in lowlight because of the ISO range. Canon also wants you to spend your money with them so this SLR camera comes with interchangeable lenses which you will have to buy of course.

You will have to wait for about 5 to 10 years from now before you will be able to purchase this DSLR appliance for under $1000. In the meantime, you can just invest in a Canon bridge camera and put a sticker in front of it that reads, Canon EOS 5D Mark III.