Capitalism - The Political Theory That Makes Good From Evil

Free Markets, Free People, Free Decisions

eatingEveryone in the world suffers from hunger, either directly or indirectly. Some of us have never needed to ask how are we going to get what we need to eat on a certain day, but chances are we probably know someone who has. Not having enough to eat is a blow to our very soul because we want security and if we don't have food or a place to sleep at night, we don't have security. It goes without saying, then, that we want a system of government that supports these basic needs.

What if I told you there was a system of government where everybody in the public worked for the individual. That's right, there is a system where every person in the public business sphere is competing for the business of private individuals like yourself. Everyone is your servant, from the rich millionaire business owner to the humble tackle shop owner, all of them want to do the best job to serve you so that they can keep your business and make more money than the other person.

ppl working togetherThis essentially accomplishes (through human greed) what Communism tried to accomplish with reliance on human good. In an ideal Communist state, everyone works for the good of each other and everyone has what they need. Everyone is a servant to the state and to each other. The problem with communism is that we found that mankind doesn't have an inherently good and other-seeking nature, rather he tends to be more evil and self-seeking. As a result, when evil, self-seeking men are put in charge of a system where they were expected, nay required, to put aside themselves, work together, and be selfless to produce something great, it produced an outstanding failure. 

Let's assume that men and women really are self-seeking--what if we had a system where self-seeking and self-interested men and women actually made society a better place through their greed? That is to say, instead of trying to make a society where we cover up negative human traits like selfishness through arbitration of laws that discourage the outlets of greed, what if we build a society where human greed acted out in its full extent actually makes life better for everyone? Enter Capitalism.

In order to have a healthy Capitalist society that is beneficial for everyone there must be two essential rules that are often overlooked:

1. Protection of Inidividual Rights - There must be protection against coercion. That is to say, a fat cat business owner with a gun doesn't have the right to come up to you and force you to work for him. You are protected by laws that keep this from happening to you, and you have the right (protected by our constitution) to quit your place of work and find somewhere else to work with no explanation necessary.

sdaasf2. An Economy Free From Government Intervention - If Joe wants to trade his 10 cows for Bill's 20 sheep, the government doesn't have the right to step in and take one of Joe's cows from Bill and two of Bill's sheep from Joe as income tax, or any sort of tax.

One of people's many complaints about Capitalism is that it doesn't force large companies to improve the conditions which are poor in the eyes of non-business owners. People get angry because Capitalism preserves an individual's right to run their own business however they please.

It's important to focus not only on the rights of the business owner, but also the rights of the employee working there. If an employee finds himself working in a factory with poor conditions he can quit and find another job. The government does not have a right to step in and tell the business owner how to run their business, since the business owners are not keeping any employees there by force.

In Capitalism you are protected by law from coercion, and yet millions of employees are competing to give you the best deal possible. There is no better system of government for benefitting society and helping people.

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