Car tuning is the process by which modifications are made in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to improve, power of engine, performance and handling of car. Manufacturers rarely tune cars to their maximum capacity. Their primary aim is to combine an average power range with fuel economy to create reliable cars. After buying a car most drivers feel that they desire more power from their car engine and better performance. They opt for car tuning which is a lucrative business nowadays. Custom made cars are in vogue among the ultra rich but even an ordinary guy like you can opt for certain modifications within your budget range. Modifications can range from getting your car fitted with audio and video systems to complete body makeover and engine change.

Are you the proud owner of a new BMW or Audi and want to tune your car? Well there are specific tuning options for different models of cars. In this article we will deal with Audi tuning and BMW tuning options only. Let us concentrate on options available for BMW tuning. After all owning a BMW is a status symbol nowadays and you want to stand out from all others in uniqueness and originality. Here's how you can achieve that with BMW tuning:

• BMW 3 series M3 Saloon – You can improve power from 321bhp to between 353.1bhp to 545.7bhp but it will require major engine work and frequent reworking.

• BMW 6 series – You need turbo or supercharger mods to increase power form standard 501bhp to anything between 551.1bhp to 851.7bhp.

• BMW Z4 – Fast road cams will give you maximum power boost. The standard power is 263bhp and you can go up to anything between 289.3bhp to 447.1bhp.

• BMW Alpina – you need rebore, balancing, porting polishing and an aggressive cam to add maximum power to the engine.

• BMW 3-Series M3 Convertible – If you have a lower powered car then try swapping your engine with 340bhp convertibles.

Here are some tips for improving power and performance of engine through custom Audi tuning.

• Audi 100 – First launched in 1968, this has a standard engine power up to 231bhp. You can upgrade it between 254.1bhp to 392.7bhp, but be ready to shell out big bucks.

• Audi 80 – This car comes with a standard power of 317bhp and can be improved to anything between 348.7bhp to 538.9bhp. But you will need rebore, polishing, porting and forced induction for maximum power boost.

• Audi TT – Popular guides advise engine swapping with 248bhp TT Coupes.

• Audi A8 – this car comes with standard power of 445bhp which can be upgraded up to anything between 489.5bhp to 756.5bhp.

• Audi A6 – If you have a lower powered version then try engine swap with 474bhp A6 Saloons for maximum power.

Both Audi and BMW come in a variety of models and it is just not possible to cover all. Moreover there are many more Audi tuning and BMW tuning options available other than engine modifications.