Golf: A Game for Life

You will never regret teaching your child to play golf

There is no doubt that golf is a sport for life as can be seen from the fact that many elderly ladies and gentlemen still walk the fairways in their later years. Some may see golf as a sport you turn to when you lose the fitness required to play more energetic sports. In reality, golf is a game we should introduce to our children at a very early age. What other sport permits all generations to play together on a level playing field?

Practice Makes Perfect
Even young children can learn this wonderful game with golf clubs that are made-to-measure for them during their developing years. The first step isto take your children either to a driving range or some other open area where they can simply practice the golf swing. The golf course is not the place for anyone to learn to play the game from scratch. It is frustrating for the novice golfer and also for those who happen to be playing behind them.

With very young children, make learning the game a fun exercise. It doesn't help to put pressure on the kids when they struggle to hit the ball as they should. Treat the whole thing as a learning process for them and let them see that golf can be fun. Commend them when they make even the slightest of improvement and help them from a young age to work on the basics of the golf swing.

Etiquette and Fair Play
Golf is a sport that will teach your child things like etiquette and fair play because golf is, and always has been, a game of honour. They can learn how to conduct themselves on the golf course, especially when playing in a group or with other groups playing behind. Having regard for other golfers on the course is an integral part of the game and children will do well to learn this early.

One of the greatest benefits of teaching children to play golf is that it encourages them to play a sport in the company of older people. Many young ones have grown up playing the game with their parents or even grandparents. Just think what this does to prevent a generation gap from developing. There are not too many sports where young and old can play together and compete in a meaningful way.

If you have children or grandchildren, take the time to teach them to play golf. Prise them away from their television and computer screens and take them into the open air where they can learn to play a game that will last them a lifetime.