If you came here to see why Chiropractors can help back pain then you have come to the right place. Chiropractors can improve and manage the pain in your back by manipulating the vertebrae in your spinal column.




Your spine is the most important part of your body.If a disk or vertebrae is out of alignment it can cause pain throughout your body.When a nerve is pinched in between two disks it may cause pain in your legs, arms neck, chest or stomach.You may suffer from headaches when your neck is out of alignment or as I was prescribed by a doctor as having phlarengitis (like tonsillitis) for more than 6 weeks he kept giving me tablets, then after one visit to the chiropractor he manipulated my neck and I was okay. I had 2 disks out in my neck.




Vertebrae can be dislodged simply from a sneeze, or a cough.It may also happen from any type of sport injuries, traffic accidents, or from an unexpected fall.

Chiropractors go through a very good training school the same way that doctors are trained. Many of them do their training in Canada.




In my opinion you need to see your doctor when in pain, if you are not satisfied with their diagnosis then contact a chiropractor and have x-rays taken and be advised by them as to the treatment required.Doctors do not manipulate disks they will only prescribe muscular or tablet relief.If you need an operation then definitely see your doctor. A chiropractor cannot help you with a broken leg or appendicitis.




Spinal fractures




Many people suffer from painful spinal fractures all over the world as a result of osteoporosis. If the vertebrae collapses or a bone breaks it will be very painful this is usually caused when the nerves become pinched between the disks.




The adult spine has about 33 bones which protect our spinal cord. They are divided into three sections of the spine; the upper, middle and the lower section. We sit, stand and walk because of our backbone, if that is badly damaged you could be crippled for the rest of your life.That is why you need to protect it.




Diving into unknown waters




This has caused so many people to lose movement in their backs. When boating on the rivers I have seen so many people dive out of their boats into the river or dive of the banks of the river.There is no way of knowing when a tree has fallen into the water or been submerged after a considerable amount of rain.Diving in without this knowledge can cause anyone to be crippled for the rest of their lives.




Chiropractic treatment




If you suffer from any back pain and you go to a chiropractor, they would normally take x-rays and decide on the required treatment.They may be able to fix it with one treatment, by manipulating a couple of disks.If the damage is more serious it could need several visits.




The chiropractor may do this with different forms of hand manipulation.Although if you are a person that tenses up when the chiropractor is about to manipulate you then he/she may use a small spring loaded implement.Personally I prefer this type of treatment as I cannot relax at all.By using this, the treatment is effected within a second without any stress to the patient or pressure applied.




Fusion of disks




Many people have had this treatment. Some are successful some not so.If you are thinking of having these treatments then do your research before it is too late.Disk fusion is when two disks are fused together, yes it will stop the nerves from being caught in between the disks and reduce that part of the pain, but it can also restrict movement of your body. You have to consider this drastic treatment before taking any action as they cannot reverse this treatment.




In our personal experience we would swear by a chiropractor.My husband was told at 25 that he would be in a wheelchair when he was 40.The doctors wanted to operate.He refused. He is now nearly 70 and is still walking; this was due to manipulation from chiropractors.Without them he would not be walking today.This is a true story.




In conclusion





Make sure you weigh up your options from a variety of sources before doing anything drastic. Never commit yourself to any treatment without obtaining a variety of opinions from all sources of medical treatment.What works for some people will not always work for others? So do a thorough research.