Are you one of those people that enjoys the antique and classic look, or that enjoys modern-contemporary style and pizazz? I happen to be in the later group, because of it's simplicity yet modern feel. I've always been drawn to modern styles, it creates a sense that I'm on the edge of living in the modern world and making things happen. Yet I can relax in peace, knowing that I feel on the forefront of a modern lifestyle.

From glass, metal, to angular wood and solid colors - the modern style gives a crisp and clean feel to any home. Today's style of contemporary design uses lots of open space, earth tones and simplistic line usage. This creates an open and relaxed feel, letting the atmosphere set in a relaxed way for any homeowner. You can start from scratch a modern look, or just add some contemporary touches to a room. Sometimes it's good to mix in a simple antique or two, some nice pictures, modern lights and lamps to create a nice blend of design styles. You can change things up by playing with the lighting levels - using softer lights to create a relaxing atmosphere, or turn them up for party time with friends and family. And it's easy to create a contemporary feel because stores like Ikea have lots of inexpensive furniture options to choose from. A great thing about contemporary designs is that that fit well in almost any room, whether bedroom, dining room or living room. And using simple colors like black, white, solid bright colors, or even earthy tones let you have lots of options for each room. It's important to make sure the large items are well-placed like your sectional couch or a glass coffee table, to give the most comfortable feel in your modern living room.

A really great thing about contemporary interior design, is that you really can mix the old with the new; your favorite antique items combined with ultra-modern. But the idea is that you are always pushing the limits of design and trying new things. There are so many great places to look online to find ideas for contemporary furniture, so don't be shy in searching around. There's no doubt that you can get this type of furniture for cheap, but investing in quality pieces will last you for years to come - until it becomes classic itself! Of course the better you take care of it, the more it will continue to have a contemporary look. So enjoy yourself when seeking out contemporary furniture, and have fun designing and decorating your dream space.