Top rated Kenwood Care Stereo

With so many car stereos to choose from how do you decide which is the best for you? Kenwood car stereos are, in my opinion, amongst the best in the market. They offer a wide range of models, from entry level to to top of the range. They have a great sound and provide a range of ways in which to play your music.

The KDC-MP345U, for example, not only allows you to play standard CDs, but also plays mp3 and wma files. A USB port allows you also to plug in a thumb drive or other USB device allowing you another means of playing mp3 and wma files.

Most useful though is theability to plug in your Ipod or Iphone. A great advantage of playing your Ipod through this device is that you can quickly find the songs that you want rather than having to hunt your way through. A nice bonus is that it actually charges your Ipod while you are driving. You have the option of alphabet searching, reverse browsing and more.

Above all though, this model provides a sound quality that is much higher than you would expect for a car stereo of this modest price, what ever means you play your music. The System Q sound control allows you to adapt your listening experience, either by choosing one of the preset equalization curves (such as rock or jazz), or personalize to your own taste. And then for those of you who like a bit of extra bass, there is the Bass Boost option!

As well as this more high tech stuff though there is a FM/AM tuner so you can let someone else choose the music for you, as well catch up with news, weather, and of course the all important traffic reports.

Most Kenwood car stereos also allow you the ability to grow your system - the KDC-MP345U has dual 2V preamp outputs, for example. I also has a rear/subwoofer switch with a subwoofer level and adjustable low pass filter so you can decide what you need to send to your system.

All in all I think that Kenwood car stereos are a great buy, with great features, fantastic sound and competively priced.