There are many reasons why people are buying modular prefab homes these days, some of those reasons include but are not limited to; their energy efficiency, modular home cost, safety, and their time and money saving construction.


Unlike on-site built homes modular prefab homes are made in factories then the pieces are delivered and put together on-site. By doing things this way materials and construction are able to be monitored and inspected to ensure quality and proper construction much more thoroughly than on-site built homes. The materials used to build your modular home are not exposed to the elements rather they are maintained in a temperature controlled environment therefore eliminating the risk that can come with weathered materials and help to ensure sturdiness. Quality inspections typically occur approximately 3.5 times more often than on-site built homes, and often these inspections occur from an outside third party inspector, and are done throughout the complete process guaranteeing a quality finished product. The rigorous compliance standards mandatory for these modular prefab homes, which are designed most often to be lifted from trucks by use of cranes, explain how these homes can endure transport and are able to withstand such a feat intact.

Energy& Cost Efficiency:

These factory built homes are also designed to be more energy efficient than a standard custom built on-site home. Standard modular prefab homes are designed with more insulation, higher quality materials and are constructed tighter than the average non-factory constructed home. This energy efficiency is not only good for the environment but it also stands to save you money on heating and cooling costs that are ever increasing these days. And if those savings peak your interest then you may also be interested in knowing the average modular home cost per square foot can be significantly cheaper than other non-prefab homes and usually entail less maintenance. These savings occur for several reasons starting with the way they are built and assembled. By being factory built a modular prefab homes cost goes down; materials are able to be bought in bulk for a percentage of the non-bulk price, labor costs decrease, no weather delays means more production which in turn means a better price for you.

Time Savings:

Another perk to going modular is the time you save on construction and assembly. With the majority of the pieces being prefabricated in a factory incurring no weather or labor delays you win. Because of this factory controlled design on average your customized modular home will take somewhere between 1 to 2 weeks to prefabricate and design and another 2 to 4 weeks to deliver and assemble. All together you are looking at approximately 6 to 8 weeks start to finish, compare that to the 4 to 9 months (if you are lucky and everything goes smoothly!) that it takes for the average on site built home and the time savings are clear. When you combine your modular prefab homes cost, the fact that you get to customize your floor plan, energy efficiency, solid structure, expedited construction times and the visual appeal it is not hard to see why so many people are deciding to go with a modular home.