Organic body wash is essential for healthy skin and a healthy body. The largest organ is the skin. It helps protect the rest of the body from pollutants and germs. Washing is a simple preventative measure. It stops most contaminants from entering through the skin. A little soap, some water and plenty of attention to detail will wash away many of the things that could make us sick.

The type of soap to use is something to think carefully about. Skin replenishes itself constantly but it will eventually take longer to complete the cycle. Skin that is pampered with the best and purest products will stay healthiest the longest.

Soap softens water and enables water to wash away dirt and germs. Saponification is the chemical reaction between an alkali and a combination of fats or oils that create soap. Lye is the traditional alkali used and it was made by soaking wood ash in rainwater. The fat came from animals but today soap can be made with milk and vegetable oils. Science has created many chemicals that do the same things. Consequently, the products available to wash the body are unlimited. Using organic soaps to wash the body is an important way to reduce or eliminate the body's exposure to chemicals

Many lotions contain perfumes that are alcohol based. The alcohol often causes dry skin. Adding synthetic moisturizers may make the skin feel soft but they usually do not reach the deeper layers of skin and can dry the skin out even more. Organic fragrances come from essential oils that have less of drying effect. They are plant based and often come from flowers that are commonly known. Organic moisturizers come from both animal fat and plant oils. The skin absorbs natural moisturizers better and more completely.

Organic products, such as protein shampoo or conditioner, are popular with people who are health conscious. Unfortunately the term organic can be easily misused. Organic means nothing in the product was made with pesticides or is synthetic or genetically modified. Ingredients that are as close to their natural form as possible will be a better indication that a product is organic than just seeing the word on the label.

Anyone seriously considering the effect of long-term exposure to chemicals should carefully consider the use of organic body wash. Anybody that wants to give their skin the best possible care should also consider the benefits of choosing organic products.