If you are a eco-friendly enviroment fanatic like myself, then you are already buying and eating "organic" and "eco-friendly" foods or are thinking seriously about making this change. The idea of organic living is catching like wildfire especially as we become more and more educated around the benefits of doing so and the risks of not. Living the organic lifestyle is more than a concept – it is a way of living healthy. And today more than ever, there are many reasons to make this shift.

Here are the top four reasons:

Toxic-Free Farming & Processing – Reduce the intake of toxins going onto the Earth and into our bodies.

Good for our Planet – A future for life on Earth; clean air, clean water and clean soil is the survival of all species

You Will Feel Better – Get relief from skin irritations, allergies or more serious health conditions when you live organic products

Healthy Beginnings for Your Baby – Chemicals known to affect developing fetuses are banned from certified organic fabrics

Toxic-Free Farming & Processing
"Organic" farming benefits the health of people and the planet by reducing the maximum exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in our ground, air, water and food supply, and that have been associated with health illnesses, from asthma to cancer. Because organic farming won't use toxic and persistent pesticides, choosing organic foods and products is an easy way to give protection for you and your family." (Source: Organic Trade Association website: www.ota.com) BY, buying organic products it ensures a healthy and prosperous farm community as organic farming prohibits the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and defoliants commonly used on growing cotton for example.

Great for our Planet
Going green and choosing green organic products that are better for our environment is not only smart but ensures the future existance of our planet. What do you want to be teach your family about, how we should live life on earth and how we can and should protect the future life for our children and their children? Living organicly is now more important than ever before and choosing all natural or organic foods and products is a great place to start. Reducing, re-using and recycling are crucial steps and consider taking more time to rethink about the effects of toxic substances used in our everyday life. Do it for you and your family – do it for everyone.

You Will Feel Better
Thousands of chemicals, pesticides and other toxic substances are used during conventional manufacturing of everyday products like food, clothing, bedding, towels and soaps. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin when you and your loved ones eat, dress, bathe, or sleep. As a result you could have an allergic reaction, suffer from eczema or experience more serious reactions to these toxins.

Switching to a organic, natural way of living by using organic products in your home not only helps provide you some relief your afflictions but you will notice the difference immediately in the feel and quality of organic fabric and lotions on your skin. Feel stronger and more at peace with yourself and your world when you live organic naturally.

Healthy Beginnings for Your Baby
There could be thousands of chemicals added to your baby's favorite blanket and it's possible that these toxins could paralize your baby's health. The textile industry uses thousands of various chemicals during conventional manufacturing of baby clothing and bedding products. These various chemicals are absorbed through your baby's skin and possibly could cause allergies, skin irritations, rashes or more serious skin and health conditions. Give your beautiful baby the best possible beginning in life by providing natural or organic food, clothing, toys and bedding. Keeping your children safe and in style when they wear organic kids clothes made from all natural, 100% organic cotton, free of unwanted chemicals and pesticides. There are selection of girls clothes and boys clothes including kids shirts, pants, jackets, kids cotton pajamas, underwear, socks and shoes from Kate Quinn, Frugi Organic Kids Clothes and others.

Organic Living is just one of many ways to Live. But To improve your childs odds of success, you should check out Growing An Organic Healthy Child