With advances in science and technology, the solar industry has improved a great deal. If you are wondering what solar power is, it is the means in which one can create electricity or power from the sun. It is a 100% renewable free form of power and does not damage the earth like a lot of modern day forms of power. With that all said what is the point of changing to Solar Power for your house.? Below is my listed answer..

solar power house

Solar Power Benefits

1. ) The first reason tochange your house to solar power is that it is a free form of power. It will literally save you thousands upon thousands every year in electricity bills which is money in your own pocket. Think about it.

2. ) The second reason is it does not harm the earth, solar is totally green and gives off no emissions. With Solar you can feel good about yourself knowing you have made a difference and that starts at home.

3. ) Solar is safer than mains, meaning the current is usually milder meaning safer around kids. Mains power is often in the 10's of thousands of watts which is scary stuff to be around. Take a look at the statistics of electrical death, it is pretty high..

4. ) Solar is now quite affordable as well as being offered with rebates in a lot of countries. In Australia rebates can be as high as half the costs of the Solar Power system.

5. ) The Economy needs your support and you can support your own economy by creating something useful out of your free power. Maybe share it with neighbours or help your family set up there own Solar setups.

6. ) Make Money is a good one, in Australia the government is paying Solar Power setup houses for feeding excess power back into the grid. This makes Solar a great investment for the owner and you could even make some extra money from your solar system. I have met people in Australia who have paid off there houses mortgage by selling the excess power your house has.

What a great deal hey?

7. ) As time goes on Solar is part of everyone's future. There are many affordable ways to set a ful house system and some people are even Building there own Solar Power System. Yes that is right, building or making there own solar setup.

All these reasons and more are great reasons to change to solar now. Think about it, with the current electrical costs and costs going up in our economy, it is only a matter of time before electricity is only an option for the rich.