Engine Nitro Goggles

As you’ve probably guessed, the Swedish goggle was designed by a Swedish company, Malmsten AB, back in the 1970s. Their simple, no-nonsense design quickly became a hit and companies all over the world began producing goggles similar to the original Swedish design. 

 The most defining feature of the Swedish goggle is its lack of gasket around the eyecup. While most other goggles have some sort of soft or cushioning seal to help keep water out, the Swedish goggle relies on pure placement to create a leak-proof seal. But even without the added gasket, their barebones design works wonders for competitive athletes. Another reason that elite swimmers keep reaching for the goggles is because they are easily customized to an individual’s face. Swedish goggles are sold unassembled. A set will typically include a long latex rubber strap, eye lenses, and a few nosepiece options. The nosepiece will usually consist of a string that fits inside a rubber tube, but often swimmers use pieces of the latex strap to hold the eyecups together. Lenses are available in a wide range of colors, including clear, blue, green, red or metallic colors. And, over all, the goggles are an affordable, yet effective choice.

 Because the goggle lacks the cushioning gasket around the eye, they are not typically worn by novice swimmers. They definitely take some getting used to, but once a swimmer feels comfortable wearing the uncomplicated pair, they quickly appreciate the optimum streamline performance the goggles provide. Because there is no extra material around the eye socket, Swedish goggles lay extremely close to the face and add next to no drag to the face. It’s no wonder they are such a popular choice among Olympic and competitive swimmers.

 Interested in trying on a pair or two of Swedish goggles? Here are a few trusted brands and models that will help you take your swimming to the next level.

 Speedo has a 2-pack of Swedish Goggles available. Designed from the original Malmsten goggle, these Speedo goggles are ultra low profile and even come with their very own ‘How To Fit Your Speedo Goggle” guide to help newer swimmers get the feel of the barebones goggle. In addition to Speedo, Engine Goggles, another highly trusted name brand for all kinds of swim gear, has their own line of Swedish-inspired goggles. The Engine Psycho Swim Goggles come with an easier to assemble design, along with an extra liquid silicone strap, silicone tube nose bridge and dynamic metal or non-metal finished lenses. Engine also has another option available for hardcore swimmers. The Engine Nitro Goggles feature the typical unpadded lens gaskets, but instead of the string and tubing nose bridge, this pair comes with a regularly-styled nose piece. This gives the pair a bit more of a solid feel and would be a great ‘starter’ pair if you’re new to the Swedish goggle design.