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With the multitude of toxins in our environment these days, billions of people live with a level of toxicity that is increasingly becoming too much for the human body’s detoxification system to cope up with. Chemicals are tainting almost everything, including air, water and food. These chemicals affect our system that causes toxin buildup, regardless of our body weight. Once fat begins accumulating, the toxins accumulate as well.

Toxins Equals Fat

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The human body is designed to retain fat so as to protect vital organs from toxins that are ingested. If there is a significant accumulation of body fat, especially in the midsection, it is an indication that there is excessive toxin buildup and that the liver is badly malfunctioning. If the toxin elimination is slower than the rate of buildup, you body makes more fat to store toxins away from your vital organs for further protection. Now this fat is stubborn and will not be shed not unless the toxic load is decreased.

This is why detoxification is very important, especially in weight loss. When our body is detoxified, we are giving it a chance to strengthen, repair and heal itself. When the toxins are flushed out of our system, the fat also disappears. Everything you ingest will be used by your body, or eliminated as waste. If not, toxins are stored in the body and just piles up, creating further damage.

Daily Exposure to Toxins

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We are exposed to toxins daily, on every day things and stuff that we use, such as detergents, paint fumes, insecticides on our fruits and vegetables. There are also toxins and harmful chemicals on steroids, antibiotics and hormones from non-organic poultry, meat, fishes and dairy we eat.

If these substances and chemicals may build up, clog up your system and drag you down, seriously damaging your health. Your liver will be overtaxed, as it is responsible for processing all substances in your body. Once overloaded, your blood will be circulating with toxins, and will make you feel sluggish and tired all the time. The toxins can then cause organ damage that will result to inflammation, weight gain, and other symptoms.

Toxins Symptoms


You will notice that you are experiencing increasing headaches, fatigue, poor complexion, abdominal fat and lackluster hair. These are the most common symptoms of an overworking liver. Allowing toxins to build up in our body will greatly damage your liver.

There are many things that cause serious liver damage, such as artificial sweeteners and too much sugar. Processed foods also cause liver damage and hinder the efficiency of our body in burning vital nutrients. Pain relievers that are bought over the counter and other prescription drugs such as blood pressure inhibitors put a heavy burden on our livers.

Regular consumption of alcohol pickles the liver and will eventually kill it. Once the body is overtaxed, constipation will set in. When this happens, the colon becomes backed up because the liver just empties toxins into our colon. This may lead to further diseases such as colon cancer.



These are but some of the reasons why we need to detoxify our bodies naturally. There are many healthy options that can be chosen to flush deadly toxins out, such as eating organic vegetables and fruits. Regular exercises also help eliminate toxin buildup. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will ensure that we are free of debilitating illnesses and diseases.