Why Cloud Computing Is Not About Technology But About Marketing

If you’ve been paying attention to what is going on in the computer world at the moment, you would no doubt have heard about the future of the world being in the clouds. This should remind a few people about the late 90s when most company started retagging everything they do. Everything became E-something, E-commerce, E-sales, E-money, etc. The reality is that cloud computer is nothing new and it has nothing to do with new technology. It is all about rebranding and riding the waves of a new generation. If you have been using the internet long enough, you would have been interacting with cloud computing. So why is everyone jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon? Because it is a good marketing tool.

Leading companies in cloud computing

Big names like Oracle, Google, Amazon and Facebook are all offering their services marketing as cloud computing. Recently Google launched a music service that will allow users to access their music from anywhere. Is that really something exceptional? Not quite because any one with an internet connection could already access music from anywhere through sites like Youtube. So what is new? What is new is the name given to existing services. When Amazon cloud went down and a lot of costumers lost access, some used that as an example of the dangers of the cloud. The problem has nothing to do with the new name but a routing problem. That can happen to any computer network. The interesting thing is that leading companies set the trends for technology. When Apple came out with the iPad, others followed because it was successful. The same thing can be said of Smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Website with forums are nothing new. However, when Facebook became the place to be, everyone with a forum started talking about social networks and getting connected.

What does cloud computing mean

If you run a small business you might be wondering if you should invest in cloud computing and what it should mean for your enterprise. The question you should ask yourself is this, do you really need cloud computing to solve an existing problem? Will it help your business or will you just be spending your money on rebranding your old system? You need to remember that new technology doesn’t often translate to better business model. If your current small internet connection is getting the job done, why would you want to change that? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

What is cloud computing versus virtualization?

There is no need to be very technical about cloud computing and virtualization. The main difference is between hardware and software. Virtualization is often seen when software is used to mimic computer hardware. You can divide a physical server into smaller virtual servers that users can access thinking they are accessing different physical servers. Virtualization is often service oriented while cloud computing is about creating the underlying networks.

The risk and benefits of cloud computing are the same as you would expect in any computer network. If something can go wrong with your network, your cloud will be exposed to the same risks. Cloud computing depends on physical network connectivity. If your network has a routing problem or hardware problem, your cloud will suffer the consequences.

Is cloud computing the future and should you invest in the cloud

Like everything to do with marketing and trend, it is all about now. The future is now when it comes to cloud computing. Companies trying to stay afloat need to join the cloud computing bandwagon and try to be relevant. Like the good old days of the E-everything, the cloud computing days will be over and marketers will find another ways to rebrand and sell the same old technology. You should definitely join the hype and be relevant because that is what it takes to survive in the world of technology. When the frenzy is over, at least you will be able to remember the good old days when everything was in the cloud.