Why Coke Is Bad For You-Reasons To Stop Drinking Coke

Do you drink coke on a regular basis? If you do, you should definitely read this article so that you are fully aware of why coke is bad for you. Of course everyone knows that coke tastes very good, and can be significantly refreshing and energizing at times; however, the downfalls or reasons why coke is bad for significantly outweigh the benefits of drinking it. I can fully guarantee you that you will no longer look at drinking coke in the same way once you have read this article, and fully understand why coke is bad for you.

Facts state that over 1.5 Billion coke drinks are sold every single day of the year! The sad thing about this insanely large figure is that a good portion of the public knows about the reasons why coke is bad for you; however, they fail to use this knowledge to make a better decision to drink something other than coke. And the other portion of the public that does not have the knowledge about why coke is bad for you, simply drink it because they are absolutely negligent to its harmful effects. This article was written in hopes that it will help both of these parts of the public not drink coke as much or not drink coke at all. It will provide the information on why coke is bad for you in a vibrant manner to the individuals who were already knowledgeable, so that it sticks in their head enough to make a difference, and will use that same information to provide the knowledge to the individuals that were not aware of coke's harmful effects prior to reading this article. By the time you have finished reading this article, you should be well aware of why coke is bad for you, and definitely significantly decrease the amount of coke that you drink.

The Acid And Sugar in Coke Is Bad For Your Teeth

One of the main reasons why coke is bad for you is the harmful effects that it has on your teeth. Coke contains a fair amount of chemical acid in it that is absolutely horrible for your teeth. The sad fact about it is that this acid, when left soaking with your teeth, would eventually dissolve them completely. It is a known fact that your teeth are more likely to fall out when you are older if you choose to not take care of them when you are younger. Therefore, drinking coke will definitely increase your chances of having to wear dentures when you are older due to the acid within it. Aside from the problem of your teeth falling out, you are also faced with the problem of the discoloration of your teeth, and an increased likelihood of getting cavities. The sugar that is in coke significantly increases your chance of getting cavities, and having discoloration on your teeth. One of the main reasons why coke is bad for you is because it has the long term negative effects of greatly harming the health and physical appearance of your teeth.

The Sugar In Coke Is Bad For Your Weight

There is a whopping 40 grams of sugar in only one can of coke; if that isn't enough to convince you why coke is bad for you then continue reading for a better explanation. 40 grams of sugar is equivalent to roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar. Anybody that knows anything about weight loss can understand how harmful it is to your ability to lose or maintain weight when you put something as small as 1 teaspoon of sugar in your coffee; moreover, can you imagine how harmful it would be to consume 10 of these on a constant basis...sometimes as constant as a few times per day! Let's do some quick math to open your eyes to the subject at hand. One teaspoon of sugar contains 16 calories, and since there are 10 in a can of coke, it has 160 calories solely in the sugar; take into account that this is only a portion of the reason why coke is bad for you because this is only accounting for the sugar, and there are many other ingredients in a can of coke. If you have one can of coke everyday you would be consuming an extra 1120 calories per week strictly from the sugar in the coke. Since there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, you would gain a pound every 3 weeks or so; over a period of a year that is almost 20 pounds strictly from the sugar content in coke. When you add in the calories contained in the syrup, preservatives, and other additives, it ends up being almost 30 pounds per year...from only one can of coke per day! These figures should be more than enough to help you understand why coke is bad for you, but continue reading if they aren't.

The Thirst Quenching Is Only Temporary

Another reason why coke is bad for you is because it only quenches your thirst temporarily. Any coke-lover has experienced this: you come inside drenched in sweat from spending a hot day outdoors, and the first thing that you reach for is a can of coke with hopes of it quenching your thirst. After you guzzle down that can of coke you feel absolutely relieved and as if your thirst had completely gone away; however, it is important to remember how you felt about an hour after that. Only once you realize the "after-feeling" that is experienced shortly after drinking that can of coke will you fully understand why coke is bad for you.

Sugar absorbs all of the liquids that it can from your body whenever you consume it; considering that each can of coke has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, that would mean that a lot of the liquids in your body would be absorbed when you simply drink one can of coke. So when you drink that can of coke, you are quenching your thirst at first, but then allowing that sugar to negate that thirst quenching experience, and even further absorb more of the liquids that you already had in your body. This means that you end up being thirstier than before you had drank the can of coke. One of the main reasons that coke is bad for you is because it leaves you more dehydrated than you were before you drank it.

Hopefully the reasons that are provided in this article will give you answers to the question of why coke is bad for you. There are many other reasons as to why coke is bad for you; however, these are considered to be the most important ones. Taking care of our bodies should be one of our main priorities and should be considered an investment in ourselves; understanding why coke is bad for you is just one of the ways to ensure that we are doing this properly. Drink less coke or stop drinking coke entirely, and start doing your body well!