College is starting to become less popular among recent high school graduates, and the number of applications that are being processed is proof of it. It’s estimated that the number of college applications are down anywhere from 5 to 15 percent, depending on what university you are looking at. But in today’s economy, wouldn’t you think that more students would go to college to get the skills that they need in order to get a job? Honestly, that's just not how it is anymore. 

Why is this happening? One of the reasons is because the price of college is much more than it used to be.  People are in debt for decades because of college, and it can actually be more of a hindrance to moving forward in life, than a help. Think about it - there are people that have Master's Degrees that are being paid next to nothing for their skills (especially in fields like writing, where their skills are abused by mass writing websites), but they have almost $100,000 in college debt that they have to deal with. That much debt makes it difficult to move forward in life, because you likely can't get a home, or even a car, due to the immense amount of debt that you are carrying. 

So, instead of wasting all of their money, they will take the risk and forgo going to college; they will start working instead. Some people are deciding to pursue fields that are more “practical” and that require skills that you may not be able to get from going to college. These people are taking on apprenticeships and internships, so that they can get experience and training in the field. It may still take a year or two before you can work on your own, but it gives you everything that you need for much less than you'd spend on a college education. 

Another reason for the reduced number of applications is because there are more jobs available that don’t require you to get a degree. People are starting to believe that college isn’t part of achieving their aspirations. There are more options for people who are looking to go into the workforce right away, so why would you throw yourself into debt if you can get a job right out of high school? Obviously this isn’t the logical option for those who want into a technical field, like medicine, where you need specialized schooling, but you may be able to break into other fields without a college education.

Lastly, the college experience just isn't what it used to be. More college students are getting stressed out and dropping out because of the anxiety and depression that comes with the whole thing. Many students are finding that they can have just as much fun during this time in their life if they stick with the friends that they've had for years and enjoy life as they always have. The whole "college experience" just doesn't have the allure that it used to have. 

So, these reasons are why more students in the United States are not going to college. Did you go to college? Are you glad you did, or do you wish you’d gone straight into the workforce?