If you frequently use computers for long periods of time, then having supports for your wrists is a lot more important than you think. Having a wrist support will reduce the risk of any injury being caused to your wrist. An alternative to having a wrist support is using a wrist rest; these will also help out a great deal in reducing pain and risk of injury.
When using one, you will most likely also experience that you can relax your arm and hand more and you will also be able to use your computer for longer periods of time without feeling tired in your arm and wrist.

The most common damage that is caused by not supporting your wrist is strain injuries. Having some form of support for your wrist is highly recommended by health and safety departments and health professionals.

Having some form of support for your wrist will help keeping your wrist and arm at a better height when you are using your computer. There are a lot of different types and models to choose from and you will definitely find one that works well with your mouse, mousepad and keyboard.

One place to find wrist supports and wrist rests are at your local computer store but the best place to look for them are at online stores. While you may find one at your local store, the selection of wrist supports and wrist rests at online stores are usually much bigger. Here you will most likely also find one that you like the looks of but also one that looks comfortable. Almost every Internet computer store has a review system in place so you will be able to see what previous customers thought of the product as well which greatly helps you find a great one.
Wrist supports are usually quite cheap but there are some expensive ones as well but it doesn't really matter, they really are important and most people have no idea how much strain and pressure that they put on their wrists when they use the computer for long periods of time frequently without supporting their wrist.

Picking between a wrist support and a wrist rest can be difficult; it seems that it comes down to a matter of personal preferences and there doesn't seem to be any big differences between the two when it comes to protecting yourself from injury.

You may find wrist supports dorky or silly looking since you attach them around your wrist and therefore you may want to opt for the wrist rest which is firmly placed in front of your mousepad or keyboard.
Or you may go for the really fancy ones that are really ergonomic and massages your wrist while using it. They are a bit more expensive but they are definitely a nice option as well.

It can also be a good idea to ask a medical expert since using wrist supports completely wrong may actually cause more harm than good. There is also quite a lot of information to find on the Internet about wrist supports so do look around.

A lot of wrist supports for your computer mouse hand are already attached to the mousepad so it's important that you find a mousepad that is great and comfortable to use but that also looks good.