Choose a staycation for Springbreak

staycations for springbreak save money

A staycation for spring break may be the solution for you and your family if your budget is tight. Traveling with a family can be expensive. A staycation is a great way to spend time with your family and creating great memories in your home town. A spring break staycation will save you money on airfare, hotels, and rental cars. There are also other costs that you can save money on by choosing a staycation such as dinning expenses. If you need more convincing read Staycation(84539)on.


Airfare is Expensive

The main reason to consider a staycation for spring break is because of all of the money that you will save on airfare. Did you know that it will cost a family of 4 nearly $1000 just to get out of their home town. Assuming even the best deal on plane tickets is $249 round trip, for a family of 4 this will cost $956 for just airplane tickets alone. When you take into consideration parking and baggage fees this drives the price up significantly higher. A hometown staycation will eliminate the need for airfare and leave more money in your wallet to do fun things in your home town that you wouldn't ordinarily do as a family.


Hotels are optional

If you and your family decide on a staycation a hotel stay is completely optional. While some families choose to stay at a hotel to make their staycation seem more like a vacation, other families recognize that they can save even more money by not staying at a hotel. You've already saved money on airfare, if you forgo a hotel stay you can save even more money. If you just happen to decided to stay at a hotel you won't be forced to book a whole week's stay. Instead you pick a few days, perhaps the weekend to spend at a hotel. Even better, instead of a hotel stay consider camping in your backyard. This way you don't incur any extra expenses and you get to share a fun experience with your family outside of your home. Pun intended!


Rental Cars aren't Necessary

Another fee associated with vacation travel is rental car expenses. By choosing a staycation for spring break you won't need to rent a car. You can also choose to be a little adventurous and try out your city's public transportation instead. Most larger cities have public transportation that will at least take you to some of the more popular destinations in the city. Some cities let kids and students ride for free while the adults can opt for a multi-day pass to save even more money. Multi-city passes might also be available if you are going to venture to neighboring cities and towns that also offer public transportation.


Save Money on Eating Out

It isn't necessary to cut out all restaurant visits during your spring break stay-cation but you can certainly cut down on the amount of eating out that you and your family do. You can opt for budget friendly eats that you might not normally have during the course of your week such as pizza or Chinese food, both of which can be delivered to your home or hotel room. If you and your family do decided to eat out, plan ahead. Check with some local restaurants that you have in mind and find out if they have any daily specials or days when kids eat free. Also keep in mind that most casual dinning restaurants have lunch menus that take effect from about 11 am until around 4 or 5 p.m. This would be the optimal time to take a large family out to eat.


Stay Close to Friends and Family and other Obligations

Chances are that your kids will want to spend a few of their precious days off with their friends. A staycation allows teens and pre-teens a chance to spend some time with their friends during spring break while still being able to spend time with their family. As a parent a staycation is good idea if you have ailing parents that you want to be close too in case of emergencies. There might also be other obligations that one or more family members might also have to fulfill. For kids practice for extracurricular activities might not be postponed just because of spring break. Adults might have work obligations that won't wait until after spring break. A stay cation for spring break ensures that  everyone can live up to their obligations.


A staycation for spring break is a great choice for families looking to spend less on a vacation this spring break. Spring break is all about having fun and enjoying the shift to warmer weather. Don't let your spring break plans break the bank. If any of these reasons appeal to you a staycation for spring break is probably a good choice for you and your family.