Wait ... before you disapprove of me for making such an absurd claim.

Content is very important.

It is how you gain traffic, content is also how you keep your readers interested.

But Social Triggers Post By Derek Halpern

'The "Content is King" Myth Debunked ...

Unmasks The "Real King"!

Your article will only have just a few seconds to grab your reader's attention.

Already they will have made 'snap judgements' on your article and you as a writer.

Even "Before. They. Read. Your. Content."

Although the post is mostly aimed at people who are blogging, I believe a lot of the advice can be transferred over to InfoBarrel rather effortlessly.

In the post he describes how Elizabeth Sillence constructed an experiment in getting people to find out about a particular term 'Hypertension'.

Then she asked them to comment on whether they trusted  or distrusted the site, and why.

Why people distrusted a website, "94% of people listed design issues" rather than an actual issue with the content.

"Your design can Trigger immediate Distrust".

There are list of 10 issues they came up with, where Derek Halpern lists them on how they can be applied to a blog, again as said above I hope to apply them here to writing your InfoBarrel articles.

The following issues in bold are the issues with design that were listed and that ultimately lead to distrust.

"Clever Site Names: Clever is confusing."

Which hence says to me, don't be too creative or clever with your article titles, keep it nice and simple. You want people to get it. Not guess at it.

Quick test on this:  tell someone your article title, and ask whether they get it, if they take too long to reply or get it wrong, its probably too complex.

"Cluttered, busy layouts: less options , higher conversions"

Self explanatory? The more you have going on in your article, the more complicated your article design. Keep it basic. Don't have too many images in one text block, don't have too many videos etc.

Lucky, InfoBarrel formats you to have a nice natural layout anyway.

"Boring Web Design"

True, InfoBarrel doesn't allow you too much creative design of the article. Again good job, it isn't boring anyway, but you do have some power e.g. you can manipulate your text.

"Small Fonts"  - Make sure your text is readable, size 14 is perfect.

"Size 14 is the new size 12, after all"

Most importantly however, you can add images to your article which are an awesome way to make your boring article, exciting.

"Too Much Text"

Don't take this the wrong way it doesn't mean that you can't write a three thousand word article, and for the reader not to trust it.

It is implying that you need to break up your article with regular paragraphs.

"Corporate Look and Feel"

Don't come across as being too professional, too unapproachable. Again quirky images can demise the 'corporate look' and give the reader some comfort in reading.

However, make sure the images aren't too big as "Slow load times" are another issue they list as associating a site with distrust (in your case an article).