Crate training dogs

Most pet owners often disregard the fact that crate training is important. For some, this may seem a bit drastic and inhumane but you can gain many benefits from this. Through this article you’ll learn why crates are one of the most valuable necessities for your dog’s existence. But, of course, there are some restrictions when doing this. Not because they are safer inside it, you can leave them there all day. Remember, crates are your dog’s den and not a prison cell. By reading this article, you will fully understand how crates can help you and your dogs. 

Benefits of crate training

The number one benefit of crates is successful house training. Teaching your dogs to behave inside your property and around your guests would need some restraints. Leashes and crates will help you do this. These restraints are also important when you can’t supervise his every move especially when you’re going out. Remember, to change your dog’s unwanted traits, you have to catch them doing it and not afterwards. This is because they are not rational beings and they will never understand why you're mad unless you caught them in action. Hence, if you arrived home and saw damaged furnitures, you can’t scold your dog unless you saw him chewing it on the spot. 

In addition to that, potty training is also done with crates. By keeping them inside it, you can create a consistent elimination schedule and site. During your dog’s first few months, you can’t expect them to have full control of their elimination process. For that reason, you have to give them bathroom breaks every hour. The great thing about this is that dogs don’t defecate or urinate in their sleeping area. But, accidents may occur especially when you leave them alone for too long.  As a rule of thumb, puppies can only be left alone for an utmost of 4 hours including night-time.  Still, this is not highly recommended. They also need a daily dose of exercise, some time to stretch their muscles and release their build-up energies. 

Crate training your dogs is also beneficial when you’re travelling whether its short or long distanced. As you know, dogs can either get scared or excited when not in their familiar environment. Crates will serve as their safe haven for the time being. As long as they feel safe and relax, you don't have to worry about transporting them. One classic example is a visit to the vet’s office. A crate trained dog can easily be transported without further mishaps or detours. 


As you can see, crates play a vital role in modifying your dog’s behavior. With it, raising your dog’s would be a lot easier and safer. The best part is they will also benefit from this training activity. They will now have a safe and comfortable place they can call their own. At the beginning, this will be quite frustrating. As they learn to love it and follow your rules, you can now leave it open for long periods. Just remember, that you should only incorporate crates with positive remarks and not use it as a mode of punishment. Always keep in mind that with proper guidance, they can grow into a well-behaved dog you have yearned for. It all starts with the proper way of crate training your dogs.