Even though this issue was spoken on by the courts many years ago there are still people who believe that the religious theory of creationism has its place being taught in public schools alongside more scientifically based ideas like evolution. The debate is basically broken down into whether a religious story should be taught as scientific fact to all students, regardless of their religious upbringing and faith. For those who have a Christian faith then they are taught this theory inside the walls of the church that they attend, and they shouldn’t be shared inside a science class.  That would seem to be a place for science.

Factual Evidence

One of the reasons that the theory of evolution was developed was because there are clear and distinguishable evidence that seems to point to this mode of development. There are fossil records that stretch back millions of years to show that life evolves over time.  This theory is supported by the adaptations that are seen among the same species of animal living in different environments.  Charles Darwin documented this in the mid 1800’s and religious organizations have been afraid of losing control ever since.  This theory simply states that over time species develop based on the features that allow them to survive and thrive better than any other. The idea that many evolved from a simpler creature is blasphemy for a fundamentalist believer in the Bible.

Fairy tales

For those who believe in the story of creation, it states that man was created around 5,000 years ago and was much as he is now. They believe that God made man and woman in his own image. They have a blind faith in their story and ignore or unfairly discredit any evidence that contradicts the story at all. This is something that every person has a right to do for themselves. If they want to believe in leprechauns then that is their business.  However they do not have the right to teach their religious doctrine as scientific fact in public schools which contain people who may not be of the same religion. This is nothing more than a fairy tale being taught as fact and the place for stories of faith is in a church of your choosing not in a school sponsored by the government.

The harm in all this is that there is time wasted in the education system teaching this foolishness as fact. In a world where our system of education is falling further and further behind the rest of the world, it seems that our country would be focusing on improving the factual subjects being taught. How can we compete scientifically with the rest of the world when we are debating the value of teaching religious dogma in science class? It is like taking the imaginary things Harry Potter learned at Hogwarts and accepting them as real.