Many of us remember spending hours upon hours in school practicing our curly cursive letters. However, today there has been an ongoing debate whether cursive should be taught in schools any longer. It may be beautiful writing, but it is not practical in todays world to continue teaching it for the following reasons.  

Cursive takes too much time to teach

In todays schools, every minute of the day is precious time. Teaching cursive to students takes a lot of time. In the past schools would spend up to two hours a day teaching cursive. Our schools do not have this time today with the demanding curriculum by the government. I have done much research on this topic in the past and found that some schools are only spending around 10 minutes a day teaching cursive. If they are only spending that little amount of time teaching, it should just be abolished altogether, because children are not going to learn enough in the small time frame.


Students need to learn to type and learn about computers

We are a society that is based around computers. If we want our country to keep up with other countries around the world our children need to be taught proper typing and computer skills, and not cursive handwriting. Many would think that computer skills would just come naturally to kids of today, but that is not true. Keyboarding is a skill that needs to be taught properly at a young age to ensure proper skills and speed. Computer skills need to be taught at a young age too, so students can keep up in the modern world. Some of these skills would be formatting of documents, spread sheets, photo editing, and much, much more.  

Students don’t use cursive after middle school

Most students, if they learned how to write in cursive did so in elementary school. Teachers would require students to practice this skill by writing their papers in cursive. Once students get to middle school and high school, they no longer use cursive handwriting. Most teachers today require students to type their papers. These same teachers will not accept a handwritten paper. Cursive is only used after middle school to sign ones names, that it. 

Many teachers are not qualified to teach cursive

I have done much research in the past on whether cursive handwriting should be taught in schools any longer. When I was conducting my research I found that many teachers are not qualified to teach cursive handwriting. Most have never took a course on handwriting. They are teaching cursive to students based on what they already know or out of a book. 

 The abolishment of teaching cursive handwriting in schools today can be a sensitive subject for some. Some would say that children are losing the ability to connect with history by reading and writing in cursive. If you want your child to learn the skill of cursive you may have to teach them yourself. There are still many books and websites available today on learning cursive handwriting. You could also help start a cursive handwriting club at your child’s school, were students that want to learn cursive could do so after school. We need to accept the fact that our world is changing and moving away from cursive handwriting and to computers.