If you are new to selling on Ebay, or are considering selling on Ebay on a full time basis, your success and sales will depend on your products, prices and service. This article focuses on the importance of customer service.

When dealing with enquiries and general questions about the goods you sell, always be as helpful and polite as you possibly can. It really does help to know your products. Try and be as informative as you can about the enquiry, it could help bring customers back in the future. Answering questions with short, unhelpful, responses such as 'don't know' really does discourage buyers. Informative and polite answers have a much more positive impact.

When sending an item to a buyer, make sure your packaging is as neat and tidy as you can possibly make it. Many sellers like to use recycled packaging which of course helps the environment. If using recycled packaging make sure it is presentable, and you would be happy to receive an item in it yourself. Also be sure it is fit for purpose, a buyer won't thank you for receiving a broken, cracked or damaged item. If you write your address labels by hand, as many sellers do, be sure to use neat, legible handwriting. If your handwriting is particularly poor, try to use a printed label (you don't actually have to print on a sticky label, just print on a piece of paper and attach it securely). As well as helping to make sure that your item arrives at the correct address, it makes a good first impression. A scruffy package with an unreadable, scrawled address will create a very poor first impression.

If problems occur with your sale, do everything you can to put things right. Items can get lost in the post or become broken in the post, which will lead to a disappointed customer. If you work hard to put the situation right, you buyer will in most cases recognise your hard work and be happy that you have done your best to help. Wherever possible, give something small by way of compensation.

Feedback is an important part of the Ebay process and it is highly advisable to leave feedback for your customers. Leave friendly, positive feedback where suitable and you will find that people do the same for you.

Always remeber that customer service can be as important as the products you sell.