Why you need a change in your life

It is time to change

So many of us live our life with huge amounts of debt, your debt is destroying you. The three major components of your life that are affected by your debt are your family life, work life, and your pleasure or recreational life. If you carry debt, your life is not as great as it should be. This is something you may never realize till you are debt free. Debt is like a cliff. If you spend years walking right next to a cliff it will seem normal. Then, if you weren’t walking next to a cliff anymore, can you imagine the relief you may feel? The biggest problem with debt is that it ties up your income. This causes you to live paycheck to paycheck.

Arguably the most important component of your life affected by debt is your family life. When your family carries monthly debt balances, it creates tension.  When you live paycheck to paycheck, it becomes very easy to have money fights. Money fights are the number one cause for divorce in our country today. This is not a healthy way to live your life. The stress that steams from living paycheck to paycheck is constantly causing one to worry and be preoccupied. This is unfair to your family and to yourself. If a husband and wife do not have extraordinary communication skills, it becomes easy to overdraw the bank account. When there is only $20 in the account and one gets gas for their car and the other gets lunch out, they will probably overdraw. This is only avoided by constant communication that can quickly feel like reporting to a boss. You don’t want your spouse to be their boss; you both need to become partners and work together to remove the negative in your marriages and lives.

Logic would tell you that you would work harder and be more productive at work if you’re under a huge pile of debt. This is possible but the norm is low levels of productivity and high amounts of preoccupation. Your productivity is damaged because of all the stresses your debt has put on your family life. No one ever has a great productive day at work when they are fighting with their spouse. No one ever is amped up for work when they just overdrew their bank account. No one ever goes above and beyond when they are worried about making it to their next paycheck. All of these things cause you to become lazy, unproductive, and complacent. When these set in, you are on a long slippery slope that leads to more family and money problems.

Your recreational life is very important to your overall quality of life. While living paycheck to paycheck it can become very difficult to develop a hobby or participate in a sport or activity. It is possible to have hobbies that are not expensive but generally there is some cost involved with your hobbies. Whether it is mountain biking or knitting or snowboarding or reading or anything else, you will have some cost. Your debt causes you to not have the money necessary to participate in these hobbies. If you never get to participate in your passion or in your hobby, your life will quickly become an existence of anger, resentment, and boredom.

There are so many reasons that debt is completely destroying you. Your family, your work, and your recreational life are the biggest losers here. Once these areas of your life start suffering, your quality of life is significantly reduced. You marriage is at stake, your job is at stake, your sanity through recreation is at stake. It is imperative to become intentional about getting out of debt and deliberately creating a better life for yourself, your spouse, and your kids.