I recall a friend was having trouble with constipation.   His doctor recommended more fiber with lots of water.   He was buying Metamucil Fiber in a container you mix with water. That is not the only way to get more fiber.  There are natural ways to get fiber from the foods you eat.  Fiber is   in spaghetti, popcorn, almonds, pistachio nuts, pecans, turnip greens, and sweet corn according to the Mayo Clinic.  These are just a few of the foods that they have listed. These also are healthy nutritious facts that are great for just about anyone.   Most of these are foods that I like.   Do you see any that you like?  Do you see any foods on this list that are appealing to you?   It is good to know one can get fiber from some of the foods that you like.   That makes it an easier plan to carry out. Do this often.  It can become a healthy habit and lifestyle. Instead of living to eat, why not eat to live.

If you just take the time, you can plan a nutrition plan. Yes, it might take more time, but it will be well worth it. Sometimes I have even cooked two meals at a time.  Fast foods have become so much easier for some that are on the go most of the time.  Fast foods may not necessarily be the best for you all the time, especially when it comes to your health.  Also, have you noticed some of the large servings that you receive at restaurants?   When I order a large salad, I will usually only eat half of it and save the rest for another meal.  This way I save money and I save with my nutrition, because I know I am not overeating.

Since I have become nutrition cautious, I have developed the habit of reading the labels. Sometimes it is amazing  the ingredients that are  on the label.  Other times after reading the label, I might decide not to buy that product.   You can learn so much from a label.  Someone might ask, “Why read labels?”  It is not enough just to eat healthy foods.  Web MD States, “In selecting the food you eat, you need to know the quality and amount  of the calories you consume.”   

When I think about nutrition, I realize it is not just limited to your household.  The schools are more involved and during their part. I am so glad to see this.  It is especially good that Michelle Obama is making it a National Campaign with her Let’s Move Campaign. She was going to fast foods more than she liked.  She emphasized that she made nutritional changes in her family, but then decided to share her learned lessons by bringing them to the White House.  This is great because she is doing what she is talking about.  She is encouraging others. This is a great role model. She is emphasizing this nationwide to give families the nationwide support needed so children will get more exercise and eat right.  The video below shows that.

In this next video below, it shows how Palmetto Elementary School has received a Silver Award for encouraging children and staff to get healthy.   Therefore, nutrition is not just limited to your household and your immediate family, but the schools have gotten involved. Something that I really like is that instead of bringing cake and ice cream to the school to celebrate birthdays, they have activity workstations where the children rotate stations to celebrate.  I think this is just great.  Just think if all the schools adopted the policy of not bringing sweets for birthdays and instead doing physical activities.   



Everyone needs to find out what works best for him or her.  What works for one person might not necessarily work for someone else.  I have seen tiny petite people, seemingly eat what they want and never seemingly gain any weight.  Now someone else doing that could get different results.  

I had a friend that was just eating an apple a day.  I asked her why she would do that to her body.   She told me she did not want to get fat.  I can understand her worry.  Dr. Oz that when you eat less or skip breakfast, the metabolism works harder and converts whatever you do eat into fat.  I guess that is true, because my friend did eventually gain more weight than anticipated.  I am just thankful she is still living.  Can you imagine just eating one apple a day and nothing else? 

Have you ever been thirsty?  I know that I have.  When I finally drink the water, all I can say is, “Ah.”   It is almost like a feeling of relief.  Web Md also states that it is important to drink enough water, preferably six-eight ounces of water or fluid daily, to help your body flush the waste.  Did you know that drinking too much water could cause kidney overload.  A doctor once told that to  a friend of mine.  He originally was drinking  plenty of water, because of all the medications he was taking.   That same doctor explained to him if you drink too much it overloads the kidneys.  I learned something new.

There are those of you that might benefit from a Certified Dietitian & Fitness Instructor.  Sparkpeople.com is a FREE site.  I questioned it asking myself, “How can it be free?”   A couple of Ebay employees are using their earnings to promote it.   I also checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if there were any complaints.  I did not find any.   This site offers Calorie counters, a variety of meal plans, personalized Fitness Programs, challenges, support,  awards, trophies, videos,  and much more.  I also checked the reviews, which were quite good.  The basic drawback might be that the site could be a little more user-friendly and it might be time-consuming to type in  your food intake, but it sounds like it might be worth the effort.  [3339][3340]