The thing with diets is that they are temporary. Just the very word sounds negative, right? DIE-It. Very negtative! By committing yourself to a diet all you're really doing is forcing your body to act against its volition for a certain period of tiem, then right afterwards once the diet is over you can go back to your old ways again.

Well, guess what.

If you did that you would be in the EXACT same place you were before you started the dieting!

Losing weight is a lifestyle change you have to make. Getting in shape is a lifestyle enhancement you have to committ to.

When I say lifestyle, I mean forever. It can't just be for a little while, I mean you really have to make that heart-felt decisions that it is time to change a part of who you are for the better. By doing this, you will ensure a much healthier, more joyful life as you escape that fable "waistband" prison so many people are a part of.

It's all psychology you see. Now I am not saying that you can't have a beer now and again, or eat the occassional chocolate cake, I am talking about simple moderation. Anyone who has lost any weight at all that was significant and kept it off can attribute their success to remaining healthy once the weight was off.

All these diets that most people sell are just building up your hopes for a magic pill that will solve everything for you. Some diets are great, and some lifestyle health challenges I HIGHLY recommend and even sell a health challenge on my websites.

However, for people looking for serious health enhancement... these programs only serve to help you to make the ultimate decision. To decide that you are going to be healthy for life, not just for a little while or until you can fit into that dress or pair of pants again.