It seems like there is a new fad diet coming out every month.  When it comes to the “how to” of eating, there’s a lot of “noise” all around the internet, magazines, and stores.  So how do we know what’s right?  And how do we go about making changes?

The one theme that I’ve noticed about all diets is that they’re based on cutting things out.  Cut the sweets, cut the carbs, cut out red meat, cut out fast food, cut, cut, cut.  The reason most diets fail is because cutting things out is a recipe for failure. 

Maybe you do well for a day, a week, maybe even a month…….but then we slip up.

 As soon as this happens, we fall off the wagon. 

This is because focusing on taking away bad things is a model for failure.  Instead, the key should be to focus on adding good things.  If you just focus on adding positives and not taking away negatives, you will eventually make yourself more and more accountable to the point where  those bad things eventually get bumped out. 

Make it a goal to add one green vegetable every day.  Don’t focus on taking away the fast food and soda.  After a week, add another vegetable.  The week after that, add in fruit.  The week after that, add quality lean meat or seafood. 

Constantly focus on adding positives, not taking away negatives. 

Biochemically, your body will welcome this and naturally start to curb the cravings for those not so healthy foods.  

It will do this by stabilizing blood sugar.  Pizza, donuts, breads, pasta and grains in general are high glycemic carbs.  They cause blood sugar to spike, which in turn causes insulin to spike, which bottoms out blood sugar again in a short time frame.  This cycle causes cravings for these foods once again to get blood sugar back up.  Eating lean meats, vegetables and certain fruits will level out blood sugar spikes.   This in turn will also stop food cravings and that vicious blood sugar roller coaster. 

Eventually, by adding more and more positives slowly, over a period time, you can wean yourself off those “comfort foods”.  Going about it this way will allow for less of a “withdrawal process" from those bad high glycemic carbs and sugars. 

So remember, add good foods, and the bad will take care of itself.  Keep it Simple! 

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