During the hiring process, most employers conduct background checks before hiring their applicants. Some employers inform their applicants about these, and some do not. But why do they have to spend countless hours searching for their applicant's records? Does it have anything to do with the applicant's job or his responsibilities at work? Not really.

Here are some of the most common and practical reasons why employers conduct employment background checks of their applicants:

  1. Avoid negligent hiring – The hiring process is not just looking for more people to work in a company. Employers should also make sure they hire the best, and someone who can be trusted.
  2. Federal and state laws require it – There are some labor laws that require employers to conduct background investigations.
  3. Prevent terrorism acts – Because of what happened in the 9-11 tragedy, companies are more vigilant in identifying possible terrorists.
  4. Technology allows them to do so – If the advanced technology can do this task for them, eventually they would try it.
  5. It is a current trend – Because many companies are conducting background checks of their employees, it became a trend in the companies and businesses.
  6. Avoid falsified information – One of the things that employers want to find in their employees is honesty.

As you can see, these factors pretty much affect their companies. That is why they even bother to locate your former address, credit records, and even your past earnings. Below are some of the things they can include in their employment background check:

  • Driving record
  • Criminal record
  • Employment records
  • Education records
  • Property documents
  • Social Security number

Conducting background checks is definitely an advantage for the employer because he would be able to keep his company away from potential problems. However, he should consider a few important things when having these kinds of checks. Some of them include:

  • The results of the background check should not be the basis of an applicant's employment.
  • All information gathered through the employment background check should be kept confidential at all costs.
  • Some information should not be included in the background report.

If your employer has failed to follow these things, you have the right to file a dispute claim against him. If he used the background check information to discriminate against you in the workplace, the best thing you can do is hire a Los Angeles discrimination lawyer. Once you have a trusted Los Angeles labor attorney by your side, you can begin pursuing your complaint against him.