Are you wondering why you have painful back acne and also acne on the back of neck and head? This is not something to be taken lightly, and should be treated right away. If you are suffering from this condition and looking for answers on what to do for it, I hope to give you some solutions. Having sudden acne on your back is not fun but if you treat it right, it can go away rather quickly.

Why Do I Have Back Acne? Possible Answers

It stinks to have acne on your face, but getting it on your back, chest, arms of legs can be even worse. You’ll never want to go to the beach, pool or take your shirt off again.

- This problem is unfortunately more common for people who suffer from normal acne. Acne  on Back of Arms or Acne on Back of Head is also common.

- There could be a number of reasons why you get sudden, itchy back acne. You may have overactive oil glands which causes you to get all different kinds of acne.

 - You may get bacne from sweating excessively from either working out or playing sports. It is important to wash after sweating – however, make sure you don’t scrub your acne too hard or it will get worse and you could end up with scars.

- You may wear dirty clothes too often. A good way to prevent back acne is to make sure you always shower and wear clean clothes.

- Painful back acne is the worst for teens in my  opinion because they are the most subject to ridicule and they have to undress in school locker rooms.

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What to Use for Back Acne?

Different products work for different people. I’ve used a salicylic acid with great success, combined with a soft pad to wipe over the affected area. You must be gentle. Oral antibiotics sometimes work but aren’t always necessary, and I've also heard that Retin A is good.

However, the best way to rid yourself of painful back acne fast it to use a great soap or spray.

Best Spray for Back Acne

Glytone Back Acne Spray (2% Salicylic Acid), 8-Ounce Package
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Use this after you shower or before you go to bed. It should really help lessen the itchiness and severity of your bacne.

Best Soap for Back Acne

Stiefel PanOxyl 10 Percent Foaming Wash
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This product should really work for your back acne and acne on your arms, neck and head. Use it in the shower every day!

Scrubbing Your Back, Easily

Bax Scrubb Shower Pad "Twin-Pack" (pronounced Back Scrub)
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Do you know how hard it can be to scrub your own back? This is one of the most useful products I've ever seen. Perfect for reaching those tough spots in the shower!

Other possible solutions to solving your bacne are as follows:

- Using Sea Salt to cure bacne. Try dissolving sea salt in warm water and put it in a spray bottle to spray your back. Apply it once a day after you shower.

- I've read online that using DAWN dishwashing liquid on your bacne has worked for people. You can use it in the shower. I've never tried this but several people have told me it works, too. Worst case - it doesn't work, but you still have something to clean your dishes with!

- Search for other top rated back acne products on Amazon. They should definitely have what you're looking for.

- See a cosmetologist if all of this doesn't work.

I hope this article helps you cure your painful or sudden back acne!