The recent high profile infidelities from Tiger Woods, John Edwards and Jesse James has society once again trying to fumble for an answer to the age old question: Why Do Men Cheat? Infidelity knows no boundaries and is just as rampant among the rich and poor, the famous and obscure, and the happily married and not-so-happily married. Sociologists, researchers and hurt spouses all have sought answers for this all too common behavior. Why do men cheat? The usual reasons cited as an answer are many and varied. From societal to biological the reasons behind cheating truly spans the entire spectrum, but the real reasons may never be fully understood.

Biological reasons for cheating:

A common argument is based on the animal kingdom and the spread of genetic information. Humans and other animals instinctively feel the need to reproduce and keep the biological line intact. Along with the need for reproduction is the need for a broad genetic pool. By sleeping with multiple partners, the genetic randomness is kept high and the chance for genetic mutations is lowered.

The actual act of reproduction and its consequences is another reason. Biologically, the nature of reproduction leads a woman to be knocked out of the reproductive cycle for nine months at a time, but a man can reproduce daily.

The built-in instinctual need for variety and genetic diversity can easily overcome the societal constraint that is imposed through a marriage contract. Many men can accept the limitations that society mandates, but for others, the natural instinct proves to be too strong.

Why Do Men Cheat?Societal reason for cheating:

The pressures faced by men in modern society often lead many to go astray. The challenges and issues that arise from employment, marriage and family issues can push many men to seek answers in the arms of another. Men commonly seek to blame their spouse with varied reasons ranging from "She let herself go" to "I'm bored and needed somebody new" to "My wife is always nagging me". These reasons are rarely real reasons and all and are more often just simple ways in which men try to justify their actions.

The need to be in a power position in society can lead men to cheat. For many men with modest career achievements and little else that allows them to achieve the respect and power they feel they deserve, an affair seems like a way to gain some control and a bit of power.

Another common reason of why men cheat is simply for the thrill. Men feel the rush from an extreme or dangerous activity and infidelity can provide this same thrill. Unfortunately, this rush wears off and a tolerance is established and often the cheating behavior escalates more and more.

Why men cheat is a common question, but with no set common (or even reliable) answer. The act of infidelity is old as time itself and will continue to plague society in the future. Societal norms change from year to year and from culture to culture. Having a mistress in France is not unusual at all, but in America it is considered a shameful act. While the act of cheating can be clearly damaging to a relationship, hurtful to a partner and even harmful to the person committing the act, it will continue to happen. Why men cheat is an eternal question that will still need an answer hundreds and thousands of years from now.