With summer on the way we can all expect to experience the annoying itch of mosquito bites. How can a Mosquito, being such a small insect, cause so much trouble? Let alone this little insects reputation to spreading some of the deadliest diseases in the world, their miniscule little bites irritate our skin and itch for hours or even days, but what is it that makes mosquito bites itch? You may want to skip straight over to mosquito bite treatment if you are currently experiencing the annoying itch.


What Happens When A Mosquito Bites

Generally mosquito's are nectar feeders for the most part, but the female of the species require the supplements that are found in blood to produce and develop her eggs. When a mosquito bites you she inserts her proboscis (think of it like a syringe needle) into the chosen body of her victim to extract their blood. When doing so the mosquito releases a special anticoagulant saliva which is designed to prevent the blood clotting and stop the blood vessels contracting, this therefore keeps the blood flowing nice and freely until she has had her fill. It is the saliva left behind and the reaction that it triggers that cause mosquito bites to itch.


Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch


This happens as our body responds to protect itself from the attack. Our immune system releases histamines in response to the mosquito's bites and in turn triggers a mild allergic reaction and swelling around the bite. The itch sensation we feel is caused by this swelling. As your blood vessels expand with the swelling more pressure is put on your nerve cells which in turn causes the feeling of irritation and itchiness.


The itch will disappear and it is common over time to develop an immunity to mosquito bites but many simple preventive measures can be taken to minimize the chance of bites in the first place, such as avoiding breeding grounds like rivers and ponds and keeping your legs and arms covered at peak biting times. Also using a good insect repellent and consuming garlic and vitamin B1 will send them seeking someone else's blood. So now you know why mosquito bites itch, head on over to the mosquito bite treatment and prevention page I mentioned earlier for all the information on how to prevent the bites and treat that annoying itch.