If you have ever watched LeBron James play in an opponent’s arena, chances are he is being booed, and being booed loudly.  It seems strange how so many arenas all over America have fans that consistently boo LeBron James.  So why exactly is he booed?

Firstly, LeBron was a highly praised prospect since he was 16.  He has made millions of dollars since he was 18.  He makes a living playing a game!  This makes people jealous, and jealously breeds hatred.  Many people in the stands simply dislike LeBron James because he has been so successful, and has shied away from showing off his talents and confidence.

Secondly, LeBron James left Cleveland in 2010, the team he had been on for almost 7 years, and the team he was drafted by.  To make things even more interesting, LeBron was born and grew up in Akron, Ohio, about an hour away from Cleveland.  The way he left the team was highly criticized, announcing his decision after making everyone wait months, greatly shortening the amount of time the Cleveland Cavaliers had to rebuild the team after their franchise player had left.  Many sports fans from around the company watched LeBron’s “Decision”, and disliked the way he made a spectacle out of choosing where he wished to go.

Thirdly, when the newly formed Miami Heat, consisting of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James, had first come together, they hyped themselves up to win multiple championships before they had even played their first pre-season game.  LeBron also said he saw the team as winning “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven, eight championships.”  This is one of the reasons why LeBron is criticized so heavily when his team loses in the playoffs, as he perhaps arrogantly implied he would win a championship almost every until his retirement.

All basketball fans respect his talents, but a large percentage of them also dislike LeBron for his antics and cockiness on the court.  People are also generally jealous of professional athletes, but LeBron has made some questionable decisions during his career that harm his personal image.

As he grows older, one can see how LeBron has become more humble and less of a showboat on the basketball court.  I predict that he will not be booed near the end of his professional basketball career.