In a revenue sharing industry that is saturated with many viable competitors and business models, it's very clear that Info Barrel, as a platform, has to offer a truly unique packaged experience to it's users. While writing for Info Barrel for over a year now, and submitting over 260+ articles, I have done a tremendous amount of research regarding the business models, offerings, and functionality of similar website platforms in the revenue sharing industry online. Whether you are a college student that is hoping to earn enough money to pay for next semester's books, a passionate freelance writer, or a marketing and business professional who is hoping to gain greater visibility of your website and company, Info Barrel offers many great elements of functionality that have made people absolutely fall in love with writing for them.

  • Revenue Sharing Arrangement -- When someone joins Info Barrel, chances are that the major motivating factor involved is the ability to earn a percentage of revenue share from all the advertisements that are placed on their articles. With a 75% revenue share, Info Barrel's generosity doesn't stop there, however: writers can actually earn 100% of the advertisement revenue when their Google Adsense ID number is displayed up to 90% of the time. This escalating revenue sharing arrangement is tied directly into a points system that incentivizes longer articles. Writers, on Info Barrel, have fallen in love with this website platform because it only really requires six 1,000+ word articles to be published, in a month, in order to qualify for this increased revenue share.
  • Helpful and Burgeoning Community -- When I first began writing for Info Barrel, in August of 2009, believe it or not, but they had no community forum. With such a highly responsive staff and ownership, increased user feedback regarding the implementation of a community forum really drove the point home that users really needed and wanted a forum. In the continual development of the Info Barrel website, the integration of this user forum has presented users with a great opportunity to interact, establish lasting relationships, and learn from each other's successes and failures.
  • Integration of Multiple Earning Possibilities -- Even though Info Barrel's Google Adsense integration is perhaps the best earning revenue channel for an Info Barrel publisher, the potential for writers to earn is not just limited to Google Adsense. Embedded within each article are other, more complementary affiliate programs and advertising networks, that writers have the opportunity to earn from. As a reader reads your Info Barrel article, they will be exposed to Amazon ads, chitika ads, as well as, any advertisements that you choose to implement, in your author signature box or as a contextual link, in your Info Barrel article.
  • Different Publishing Templates -- Where similar platforms significantly limit writers, Info Barrel does offer different ways for writers to publish their content. Namely, these templates include: Blank, Video, How-to, and review type article templates. While some may have their favorite template for publishing, this offering of multiple publishing templates actually subtly helps to combat writer's block by allowing writers another avenue of expression and creativity. Where a writer may get bored with one particular template, having the ability to publish in multiple templates allows writers to vary up to their publishing submissions based on whatever they feel like writing any given day.
  • Responsive Ownership -- My personal experience has been tremendous when it comes to interaction and response from Info Barrel management. I truly believe that customer service should be at the core of every company's endeavors, and Info Barrel has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the responsiveness of the owners. While it may take a day or two to hear back when they are contacted, every single email of mine has been responded to, and, in many cases, feedback I have given has actually been considered and implemented on the site. Few companies, in my honest opinion, do this better than Info Barrel.
  • Treat Users With Dignity and Respect -- In the revenue sharing industry, the provision and safeguarding of content can be a tricky subject. Ultimately, it's clear that any website naturally wants to maximize it's own profits. Even still, Info Barrel has not done this at the expense of their users. Info Barrel has treated it's users content with respect, and, thus, they also care about their time invested to grow and nurture this site. Rather than subjecting users to random article sweeps, Info Barrel has had the forsight to implement a quality control process that, in my honest opinion, is a foundational hallmark of Info Barrel's business model that people have grown to love about this website.
  • Embedded Referral Incentives -- While some may argue that they would like to earn more from their referrals to Info Barrel, I think it is commendable that they already give writers up to a 90% revenue share on their articles to begin with. Some platforms give very little to writers for referrals, if anything at all, which is why I believe it is good that Info Barrel has thought enough of their users to at least give them something in return for telling others about this website.
  • Success Stories -- If one is to navigate to Info Barrel's blog, you can see a few success stories about current members who have experienced some level of success on Info Barrel. Personally, I find these stories to be motivating and inspiring as each writer strives towards achieves both individual and collective goals. Naturally, it is in everyone's best interest to see Info Barrel succeed and grow because, with greater search engine authority and favor in Google, all of our articles will be found easier by Google, and we will all have the potential to earn much more from our writing.
  • Undeniable Growth Trends -- While some have published only a small handful of articles, only to claim that writers can't earn anything from Info Barrel, these same people don't appear to understand the underlying mechanisms and trends involved in Info Barrel's expression of dynamic growth patterns. Even though it's search engine authority hasn't quite caught up to some of the bigger names in the revenue sharing industry, Info Barrel has been experiencing exponentially growth that is unparralleled by most social media outlets today. If anyone tells you that success stories, in social media, don't happen all the time, then they are either lying or have no idea what they are talking about. Info Barrel is on the fast tracking to becoming a highly successful website and company.

For those who are teetering on the fence about whether or not to submit articles to Info Barrel, and invest their time, I would highly encourage you to reconsider. Many members of the Info Barrel community have been tracking dynamic growth trends for months now, and these trends indicate that Info Barrel is on the fast track to becoming a leading authority website in the revenue sharing industry. With responsive ownership, and passionate, involved, and supportive members, you can easily see that Info Barrel's community is turning out to be a major driving force behind Info Barrel success in an overly crowded and saturated industry.

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