The colon is an essential internal organ that ensures that the body absorbs the required nutrients out of the food intake and eliminates the waste through the anal cavity. But many folks think that an unhealthy or poorly functioning colon can lead to a condition where the waste matter gets accumulated within the body resulting in its re-absorption, making the colon "toxic" or unhealthy. They believe that this condition can lead to unexpected weight gain, fatigue, skin and hair disorders, constipation and irritable bowel movements. The theory is that regular colon cleaning can help to eliminate a "toxic" colon thereby resulting in better overall health. But, any doctor will tell you that the "toxic" colon theory has no basis in fact. No testing, autopsies, or scientific studies have ever shown any evidence to support the whole "toxic" colon myth. The colon is perfectly designed to do what it does best, absorb nutrients and remove waste from the body and it needs no outside help or cleaning to function.

Colon hydrotherapy and oral cleansing procedures are the two popular ways for colon cleansing. While colon hydrotherapy makes use of enema to inject water into the colon for allegedly removing the toxins, an oral cleanser functions through the intake of dietary fibers or laxatives that supposedly cleanse the body of harmful elements. A colon cleansing diet that is touted as being rich in digestive enzymes, probiotics or the constructive bacteria supposedly results in the killing of harmful parasites.

Typically the transit time or the time taken by the colon to eliminate waste food particles from the body after intake is twenty four hours. Some colon cleaning converts believe that when the gap between the transit time increases, it leads to the decomposition, fermentation and the reentry of the waste matter back into the body, which then leads to a greater chance for diseases. The many problems attributed to a dirty or unhealthy colon are virtually unlimited; they include weight gain, colitis, vision problems, diarrhea, irritable bowel movements, memory loss, hemorrhoids and sinusitis. Again, no medical evidence supports all this theory, but still many people remain convinced in the benefits of colon cleaning.

A lot of people perform colon cleansing to maintain a healthy wellbeing. They think that when the body is free of toxins, it ensures faster digestion of the nutrients into the blood stream, increasing vigor. They also think that when the waste matter is eradicated, it relieves the intestines of waste elements like stored fecal matter, mucus, gas, and other contaminants, which under normal circumstances, the presence of these "toxins" leads to diarrhea. The belief is that when you perform colon cleansing, it offers respite from diarrhea and makes the bowel movement more solid.

Although you'll find plenty of information touting the alleged benefits of colon cleaning, none of it is scientifically or medically valid. It is mostly anecdotal evidence that is not verifiable or provable. But, colon cleaning has been around since the early Egyptians practiced it and it shows no signs of slowing down in popularity even today.