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Advice for the Beginning Golfer

It seems every golf tip or article ends with: “See your PGA professional.” Doesn't this mean go spend money? The local pro is a nice person, but many of us will never take a lesson. Why?

The first reason is cost. One lesson is not going to cost very much. Still, how many of us are going to be done in one lesson? Wouldn't that mean a very simple problem or that you are the world's best student? 

How many lessons does it take to improve the beginning golfer's game? How much money and time do these lessons represent? Where does the free time for practice come from? Is the player going to follow thru with the effort necessary to learn what the pro has suggested?

Many people do not respond to coaching well. Did they enjoy gym class or participate in organized sports? To many people lessons are more like going back to school than fun.

Since the pro is being paid to stand there, they will attempt to give a student value. The pro will throw out suggestions after every couple swings. It might be difficult to work on one new idea, much less several. Many players only want one or two changes to work on until they become comfortable.

Players may fear embarrassment.  In private or group lessons do you want to show how little progress you are making? Even amateurs still have pride.

Practice time can become very difficult to find. You are already dedicating time to lessons and must find more free time to practice. Children have a parent to remind them to practice, you don't.

Many touring pros have similar swings, but many don't. What technique will be best for you is a difficult question. Each pro is probably committed to their personal technique, even if there might be a better fit for you in a different technique. How does a player decide which pro to follow? 

Most golf beginners have to learn from books, videos, and swing aides.  They learn by practicing at home and then developing their swing on the course.  Many people prefer to play while they practice swing improvements.

Practiced frequently almost any proven method will improve you swing and score. Pick something you can practice at home for just a few minutes at a time. Work on one idea until it feels natural. You will be surprised how much improvement you will notice in your next game.
Now go back to you book or video and practice one new thing. You will improve almost every time. Don't try to master the whole game at once.

Golf is complex. Relax and enjoy a great sport.