One of the best things about music is that it helps people through life. You may be feeling sad and depressed but then a particular song will come on and instantly you will begin to feel happier. Music can affect our emotions and actions in a wide variety of ways. Here are some of the top ways that music can affect us as humans.


It brings a lot of happiness and joy to people. Even little babies that are first exposed to music will tend to like it. All people seem to love music, although we might not all like the same music. It does not matter whether we like Country Music, Rap music, Celtic music, or any other type of music because it can bring joy to our life. We may enjoy Dubstep and love it but other people will love Country music and hate Dubstep with a passion. Regardless of what type of music you like I am sure there is music that makes you happy.


it can be very motivational to us. Have you ever loaded up your IPod with certain songs that you use when you go workout? You know there are songs that are motivational to you. These songs can help you to push your body towards a higher and higher plateau. Music can be very inspiring by allowing us to get motivated and remain motivated.


It is vital you are able to relax. Many people like to relax listening to it. Some people may find Bell Biv Devoe relaxing while others will prefer classical music such as Mozart. The power of it to relax is undeniable. Not all music is able to relax us. Some songs are not designed to be relaxing. Sometimes just hearing a song from out childhood that brings back a good memory can help us to to relax. Babies like lullabies because they find it relaxing and comforting. Regardless of how old we are we are basically just a bunch of big babies who love to listen to baby it although out baby music may consist of Tupac or Kansas.


We like it because it gets us off our butt and out dancing. What good is dancing without it? What would the World be like if we did not have music? Dancing is not only fun but it also helps us to burn some calories and remain healthier. The most important aspect of dancing may be that our culture uses dancing as a form of male/female bonding. What starts off as simply asking a cute girl to dance eventually may turn into a marriage with kids and some of these kids may go onto invent amazing things such as a cure for cancer. Dancing to cure cancer? It is possible.


Music can help us to bring out our anger issues and to deal with them in a positive way. Instead of holding the anger in and then blowing up at someone we can instead jam out to angry music. Listening to it such as B.Y.O.B by System of a Down can be very motivational because it helps you to deal with anger. Yeah maybe a few people may be inspired to do bad things because of it but I doubt it. I listen to Country music a lot and you never see me driving a pickup truck or riding a horse.


Listening to it is a pure form of entertainment. The number one reason people like to listen to music is probably because it is entertaining. If we did not find music entertaining then we probably would not ever listen to it. We change car tires because we have to but most people do not find it entertaining. Music on the other hand is very entertaining to the vast majority of all people and we do find it interesting and entertaining.


Listening to music can remind us of times in the past. We may hear a song that reminds us of our childhood, out first love, or even our first baseball game. Music is a great way to bring memories out of our subconscious mind and put them out there where we can recall, feel, and even taste the same as to how we felt when we first heard the song.

Seducing Women

We may think that listening to Marvin Gaye will help us to seduce women into our unkempt beds but in reality it does not work. What does work though is the placebo effect. Because we think that listening to Marvin Gaye will work to get a girl in bed we work harder at it and then when we success we thank the spirit of Marvin Gaye for making the great music that allowed the majestic even to happen. In reality Marvin Gaye and his music had nothing to do with it but it probably did work much better than the song “My Dingaling”.


Many people listen to music because they are bored. Sure listening to music is entertaining but it can make other tasks much more enjoyable. If you are cleaning the dishes or mowing the lawn then the time will go by a lot faster if you are listening to music you like. I do not know how people can do housework without listening to it. Housework is so boring and sucks so bad but it is tolerable and at times even enjoyable if I am jamming out to it that I like. Listening to it is a great way to make any sucky activity much better.

I am sure the terrorist that were tortured by the CIA would have actually enjoyed the torture if they would have played good it. Everybody likes to get waterboarded while listening to “Waterfalls” by TLC.

Why do you like listening to it? I would love to hear why you listen to it and how music has affected your life. Music has affected my life in a positive way and I hope it has done the same to you.