We hear this every week at our jobs. People have the Monday blues and are looking forward to the weekend, most of all Friday. There isn't an office in the United States of America that doesn't have workers that are dreaming about this very day. What is it about Friday that we love so much? Let's explore why we do and ways to improve things so Friday doesn't have to be that thing everyone dreams about all week long.

The weekend of course

Everyone loves Friday because it starts the weekend. When you get off your shift you have that whole eveFridayCredit: http://www.morguefile.comning, Saturday, and Sunday ahead of you. Friday is a symbol of freedom from the workplace and the ability to go do things that we want to do without having to worry about work or school the next day. There is a euphoric feeling when you know that two whole free days are ahead of you and most people enjoy this night the most. Heck we even have crazy songs about this day as if we worship it or something. Friday is considered the most favorite day of the week and studies have shown that people are the most happy on Friday and depressed the most on Monday. Are we doomed to experiencing this phenomenon for the rest of our modern day civilization or can something be done?

Work at a job you love

My employment is fulfilling and enjoyable. While everyone, including myself, loves the weekend Friday isn't as important because I love what I do. This is the primary reason why we love Friday is because it means school and work are done and we hate those things. So if we all had more interesting schools and more fulfilling jobs would Friday become less important? I believe this would be the case because when I found my dream job I suddenly didn't care about the weekend as much because I loved my job. I believe the first step to seeing Friday become less important is start by finding more fulfilling and enjoyable work. If you have a passion for animals and you got a job at the zoo, aren't you having fun while getting paid to do that? This idea that the weekend is the only time we can enjoy our lives and have fun is probably a leading cause in depression and woes in our relationships and attitudes. This correlates well with the "Monday blues" because that means we're back to work and school and back to the grind. Well when Monday rolls around I'm back to the job I love and adore. We as a society need to find more fulfilling work that's wholesome and enjoyable and that will start to diminish Friday and instead enhance this thing called "the week" so each day is fun.


Friday is symbolic of rest; we get to relax and recuperate. Friday means we have the weekend to sleep in, take part in enjoyable activities, and fellowship with friends and relRestCredit: http://www.morguefile.comatives. Friday means doing the things you wanted to do all week because you have time now. So can this be changed in any way? I personally enjoy each day because the schedule isn't overly crazy and I have time to do the things I want to do all week. This is another problem in our society is over commitment. We pack on all the work during the week and experience so much stress that when Friday and the weekend comes we can relax and enjoy our time off. So now we're reducing our lives to 2 and 1/2 days instead of 7. Now it's obvious why people are depressed because more than half of our lives are in a part of the week that we consider work and no play. It's time we as a society started freeing up our schedules and move things around so every day of the week is enjoyable. Find a favorite show on Monday and look forward to it, move your work activities to Saturday and move fun activities on Saturday to Tuesday and Wednesday. This is important if you want to live 7 days a week instead of 2 and 1/2.

Live it up!

Obviously not everyone is capable of doing these suggestions and that's understandable, but it pokes an interesting point of discussion about why we as a society live for Friday and the weekend. Take some time to analyze your schedule and fun tasks and try to mix them up so you enjoy each day of the week for a change instead of just the weekend.