It would be much easier to just let our hair fall out and be done with it when we start to experience balding but, unfortunately, society views hair as a very important part of a person's looks. Men who are going bald are very regularly thought to be at least ten and sometimes fifteen years older than they really are. For both love and work a man needs to look as strong and healthy as he can and being bald does not help this.
Actually, hair-loss can happen to both women and men. This fact may be a surprise, but loss of hair in a woman may be not actually as uncommon as you may expect. The plain fact is, women can have hair loss, however they will likely not always notice it until later on in life. Precisely because, to the same extent for a man, hair-loss in women sneaks up slowly. It starts with only a few extra hairs on the pillow or at the bottom of the shower and then one day she wakes up with thinning hair over her entire head. This is usually when she looks for a hair restoration for women treatment.
When part of the female population is afflicted with hair thinning, it will be often be due to a genetic condition identified as androgenetic alopecia. Some further causes of thinning hair in women can include, extreme stress, contraceptive pills, or hormonal imbalances. Though with worrying and stress, hair loss as a result of these triggers should generally just persist for around a year. After having a baby, some women could also experience hair loss, and not surprisingly a lot of new moms will be really astonished once it happens, but they may be reassured by the knowledge that this reaction should not be long-lasting.
A few persons, who eat severely restricted diets that can be low in nutrients, or people who maintain seriously bizarre eating habits, may develop protein deficiency which could result in hair-loss. The body's defenses will try to save protein by sacrificing hair production. A single enormous hair shedding could happen two months after this condition exists. Hair may then be removed at the follicles quite easily, even just by brushing. This worrying condition may be completely reversible and even stopped by consuming an adequate quantity of protein and even when you are on a diet, keeping up adequate protein. This problem is usually not seen in people who eat a Western diet. In general their problem is too much nutrition including calories that will lead to obesity.