For as long as anyone can remember Love is the reason why Altruism is better than Egotism any day of the week. Ethics has always been about practicing practical habits. Since then our interaction with each other has been divided into two different practices. On one side of the spectrum we have the Protagonist and on the other side we have the Antagonist. Did you know that these two aspects can’t exist without the other?

While the Protagonist may be a “Hero” for some, the Antagonist reminds spectators what makes a Hero in his or her darkest hour. If you found this article it is probably because your ambition and intuition are clashing together. You are here for a greater purpose and all I can honestly write to you about Altruism is that it is the first step towards being remembered as a Benevolent Leader or Trend Setter. As you may already know by now we all are responsible for Making Common Sense More Common. If you keep all the knowledge to yourself and never share it then what sense does that make for you or anyone else?

One of the biggest misconceptions with being concerned for the welfare of others is that people care for their own selfish reasons. This battle of ideas goes back to the concept of Knowledge and WisdomCredit: @PinewoodPaladinKnowledge vs. Wisdom, Light vs. Darkness, and Analytical vs. Logical. With two opposing views like these it’s clear to see why so many people have a hard time agreeing with each other. Nonetheless these misunderstandings are a result of Rare Common Sense. Could you imagine Numbers competing with Alphabets? Metaphorically speaking Yes, but literally speaking No, and the reason why is because they both work great with each other.

Now I know what you’re thinking, which side right and which side are wrong… right? The truth is there is no right and wrong when it comes to being Altruistic or Egotistical. The reason why is because human nature naturally adapts to their environment. There is a time and place for everything so it’s okay to get lost in your ego when you’re looking for information especially if it is something you love to do. Altruism exists to remind us that when you find knowledge we need to share it, otherwise we won’t know when to stop looking.  

When you share Knowledge you are sharing Wisdom. Hopefully this information reminds you why you want to be the best you can be. Furthermore, I want you to remember why you Love to remember and if you Love to forget I hope you know why.