People in this modern American society frequently place a great deal of importance on the clothes they wear. However, one article of clothing that is often overlooked is the sock. The word "sock" comes from the Latin word "soccus", which was a loose-fitting slipper that Roman comic actors used to wear. Nowadays socks are definitely more common and you don't have to be an actor to wear one. Actually, it'd be very hard to find someone who's never worn a sock before, but it'd probably be just as hard to find someone who knew why they were wearing them. So that begs the question: why do we wear socks?

In my research, I found that the main purpose of the sock was to absorb perspiration from the foot and bring it to areas where it can be evaporated by the air. The foot is actually one of the sweatiest parts of the human body. Each human foot has around 250,000 sweat glands. This is why feet are notorious for their unpleasant odor and one other role of the sock is to diminish that problem. If feet are exposed to a sweaty, moist environment for too long, it could result in problems such as foot fungus and Athlete's Foot, which are hardships that no one really wants to bear.

However, sweat alleviation is not the sock's sole use. In colder areas, socks not only keep the wearer warm, but can protect against frostbite. In these particular cases, special socks are usually employed. These special socks are made out of different materials than regular socks, such as wool or animal fur.

Sometimes socks don't have a practical use, and are just worn for the sake of fashion. Formal dress occasions or uniforms may call for a knee-high sock, but for a casual outing, a "no-show" sock may be more appropriate. Wearing flip-flops with socks used to be troublesome, but now flip-flop and sock lovers can wear toe socks, which work like gloves for your toes. There are even crazy socks with wild designs and colors for those who want to show off their eccentric side. Even though socks are probably the most disregarded garment, they can still add spice and flair to any ensemble if used correctly.

Sweat alleviation, warmth, fashion: all great reasons to wear socks. Why you wear the sock is up to you, but rest assured knowing that it will always be there to do its job.