Four F-15 Eagle pilots from the 3d WingCredit: Air Force Tech. Sgt. Keith Brown, Wikipedia.Org

Four F-15 Eagle pilots from the 3rd Wing walk to their respective jets  


There are many Americans that do not have insurance sadly to say.   There are those women that are willing to join the Army for health insurance.  When you have a family to take care of, you look for new and creative ways to take care of them.   I have talked to a young woman who joined the service immediately after high school.  She was very happy with doing so.  She also indicated that women could advance in rank  in the service within a short  period.  Surprisingly, I did not know that.   Women that join the Army can expect to learn self-discipline, excellence,  and order.

The Army is challenging and motivational to women?  They can show their abilities.  I recall watching the TV Show Amen.  Thelma became so upset when Ruben expressed to her that he needed more time before they got married.  He fainted and left her standing at the altar.   She ultimately told him, “You can take all the time you need.”   She immediately joined the army.  Although she felt saddened by being jilted at the altar,  while in the army she discovered that she was good at her job.  She discovered she was valuable and not just viewed as “Thelma can’t cook.”   When she came home to visit her family even her family took notice of how the Army had changed Thelma.   This was the new and improved Thelma.  

Unfortunately, there are those women that are and have gone to  war after they joined the service.  Some come back with loss of limbs just as men have.  

I have observed women that had long pretty hair.  If you have long hair, you can expect a hair cut after joining the Army.  Times have certainly changed.   With this new era woman are actively involved in the army.   

Those that might not join the army might join the National Guard.  You can learn a skill in the National Guard also.  They are more than willing to help you with your education.   You need a GED  to join the army.

 With the National Guard you will train and prepare in the event that the President will need you.   The National Guard helps   during floods, oil spills, wildfires, or other catastrophes.  Depending on your rank your guard pay can vary from E-1 Private for 12-month drill of $2,352 to E-9 Sergeant Major for 12 months drill $11,508.      Annual pay for E-1 Private is $683.   E-9 Sergeant Major annual pay is $3,356.00.  Drill training  is 2 days one weekend per month.  Annual training is two weeks every year.  They do offer a Federal Retirement Plan also.  In addition to your civilian retirement you could receive about $1,653.00 every month at age 60.   Wouldn’t it be nice to fly for free?   Well if you were a guard soldier that might be possible when space is available.   With the advance technology you can even apply online to join the army.  Just like the men women want the money and the training too.