sports cars

The lean mean fast moving machines that make every car lover go weak in their knees. Always associated with wanton opulence , sports cars are every living man’s fantasy . They are solely built for performance and they give an ultimate driving experience and satisfaction . In an industry which is littered with oversize sedans , ugly looking compacts and family SUVs , sports cars do manage to stand out from the rest of the pack .

However, this cars are not meant for the faint hearted .These cars are built to be  driven at a fast clip  ,so the driver needs to be exceptionally skilled behind the wheels . These cars have a mind of their own and only if you are totally in sync with your car , you’ll be able to get that enriching experience.

Its this ultimate experience that primarily lures us to sports cars . But there are other factors also .

Design- If looks could kill sports cars would have made a living as killers .Their immaculate aerodynamic design makes them a sight to behold for all automobile enthusiasts . A lot of thinking goes behind in deciding the layout of the car where strong attention is paid to the minutest details. The car makers strive for perfection both on functionality and appearance . So even though one mainly looks for functionality in an automotive investment , the jaw dropping design and beauty of the car also compel  one to shell out millions without a second thought

Driving Charactristics – Unlike other cars which are conceived for affordability or functionaliy……the overwhelming emphasis of sports cars is on performance and execution. It gives a different level of driving experience. Its mind blowing pickup and acceleration, or the ability to hug the curve without taking one’s foot of the accelerator , or to zoom past slow moving traffic without losing control ,gives a feeling of immense gratification to any driver .

Priceless Classics  – Sports cars are vintage cars whose value appreciates with passing time unlike other cars whose price starts dropping the moment it starts getting driven .But sports cars  are potential masterpieces so they become priceless with time

Sports cars are major style statement from the owner’s perspective .They have the oomph as well as the snob factor that gets rubbed of on the owner.