The popularity of herb gardening is becoming more apparent. More people are spending much of their time doing some simple herb gardening in their backyards. And since it is much easier to do than other outdoor activities, a lot of people are eager to learn its secrets and how to make their gardens beautiful.

One of the reasons why most people prefer to plant herbs is because these plants can be used in many ways; medicinal purposes, decoration, good ornamental. The area is never a problem as herb gardening doesn't require much of a space. In fact, you can simply grow herbs in your balcony, patio, and windows or in your backyard. The point is, herb gardening can be done conveniently inside your home without requiring you to go outdoor and sweat.

Now, another good thing about herb gardening is that you can grow and sell them when they are grown enough to project more appealing sight. There have been so many gardeners who were successful by simply planting their favorite herb but later learned that selling those kinds of plants is profitable enough.

Herbs have many kinds. You may check the Internet to find out the kind of herbs you may want to grow in your backyard or inside your home; there are those which grow taller and bigger and there are also others which will spread. Of course, the color is one of the things why people like to do herb gardening. Oftentimes, herbs have more stylistic and appealing color which can catch attention of any visitors who visit your home. Below are the two most preferred herbs;


Calendula is often called as "Pot of Marigold". It adds more significant highlight of colors to your garden. Hence, planting it together with other herbs can make it more appealing and beautiful as it stands out among the rest. But aside from that, there are a lot of medicinal benefits that calendula can offer. It helps maintain normal digestion, make healing faster, it fights fungi and help cure any fungal infections and it even be used to soothe diaper rashes. It has also been proven that calendula can be a good skin care cleanser and cream by simply extracting the juice of its petals.


Borage is somewhat more common than calendula. For many people, borage can be a good herb to be used and mixed in salads. It has a taste like cucumber which makes it more appropriate to be cooked together with cabbages. Lastly, your garden will look lively when you grow "starflower" in the center.

Herb selection absolutely depends on your taste of aesthetics and appeal. There are so many good herbs to choose from. All you need to do is dig a little deeper to find the kind of herbs which will actually suit your sight and fulfill your need for beauty. So, if you think herb gardening is just a waste of time, think twice!