GPV Sergeant 4x4 armored personnel carrier

 GPV Sergeant 4x4 armored personnel carrier

The Times, They Are A Changing

I haven't always lived in small town Kaufman, Texas; I've also lived in Dallas, Texas; and even far away places like Seaside, California.  The majority of my life, however, has been spent in a small Texas town 40 miles outside of Dallas.  Here in my small town I know many people, many of them older people, and I like to listen to them tell stories.  One day not long ago I was doing just that, listening to an older man I've always known tell stories about the days gone by in my small rural town.  The man was telling me about one particular jailbird who was so well known in town the police would send him in a county patrol car to the store for them.  They knew the guy would go and do what was asked, and return to the jail, spending the night in a cell.

Even here those idyllic days are seemingly gone forever.  Today is a new day.  Today, our police are more violent than ever, and increasingly armed like soldiers.  Andy Griffith is no longer the common police officer drummed up when someone is thinking of the boys in blue.  In the larger American cities, it's not even wise to think of police as human beings the sort that one can speak to.

Police transition

Two Theories For Why Police Militarization Is Happening

There's no disputing the facts, I've not even seen someone attempt it.  Police departments across the nation are becoming more and more armed like military personnel.  There's two major theories for why this is happening; both of them infuriating.  I'm going to take a stab at another statement I consider fact.  It's all a huge waste of tax payer dollars.

The first theory as to why the militarization of police is happening involves Keynesian economics[1], you know, the economic genius theory involving digging ditches so that someone can then be paid to fill the ditch someone else just dug?  Some call it "make work" programs, but it's the tax payer paying for it, and what value does he or she get out of it all?  Of course our first theory as to why police are getting armored personnel carriers involves no mal intent; but who cares?  What are the effects of getting Rambo gear to stop speeders?  That's what is important, is it not?  If suddenly the friendly man or woman directing traffic thinks he's on a battlefield, then the public is certainly going to suffer for that.

With apologies to Alex Jones, the second major theory as to why police departments are decked out for the next invasion of Poland is a tad less happy.  Of course I'm talking about the legions of folks who believe all this military equipment in the hands of law enforcers is a prelude to an increasingly Orwellian USA going completely rogue on its own citizenry.

Regardless of which of the two theories above you subscribe to, the facts are that in Montgomery county, Texas, the county police have a three hundred thousand dollar drone, the same kind used to hunt down "terrorist" in Afghanistan.  The Department Of Homeland Security provided the thing for them, but the thing weighs too much to fly legally in the county due to FAA rules[2].  So ask yourself, was your tax money well spent on that? In Augusta, Maine where no officer of the law has died due to violence on the job  in 125 years, the PD purchased 8 $1,500 tactical vests[3]. Those were tax dollars the citizens paid in, but what value was received by them?  It's enough waste to make one want to join a Tea Party.

A Texas Police Drone - A Gift From DHS, But Illegal To Fly Due To FAA Rules

Shadowhawk UAV

You're More Likely To Be Killed By A Cop Than Any Sort Cops Are Supposed To Protect Us From With Military Equipment

By now, everyone who even gives a cursory perusal of the news online has seen the thousand and one posts about how in the USA, the common citizen is eight times more likely to meet a violent death by police officer[4] than he is by some sort of government labeled "terrorist." It's widely noted by common folk of every type of walk through life one could have that younger police officers are nowadays more rude than ever before, more abusive than ever before, and their demeanor's say it, or even scream it, without anyone having to see the never ending news reports of someone shot for watering their lawn, or for getting a cigarette out of their car late at night.  Old folks are saying these things, and the young folks of the liberal persuasion write the old one's, the wiser one's words off as senility, or delusional dreams of a "good old days."  If it weren't for filming cops, then the Rodney King atrocity would have never happened, but police are steadily assaulting people for filming them, they'll make up crimes that don't exist, or stretch any existing thing they can past the points of recognizable reality to stop someone from filming them.

How is it possible a man faces life in prison for filming police[5]?  If this be the case, and it has been a case, then how is it possible to ever trust police, or the good intentions of police one doesn't personally have established and good friendship with? If the police are doing no wrong, then what do they have to fear from someone filming them?  Is it possible a police officer could be so stupid he feels threatened by a camera, and if so, how is giving such a man military grade weaponry ever to the benefit or safety of anyone? I personally believe the police are becoming more violent across the board in the USA. I recognize how I'm very in tune with the subject, and so I may be simply paying more attention to such things than ever before; but I'm also paying attention to what older persons, persons more experienced at living say, and lots of such persons are also seeing what I'm seeing.

Police Militarization And NSA Spying. It's Our Rights Violated, Our Taxes WASTED


Wasting Your Money, Violating Your Rights

The Des Moines, Iowa police department bought two $180,000 bomb disabling robots[6].  Now lets think about that expenditure a moment, are they suggesting there are so many bomb threats in Des Moines that one such robot isn't enough?  Does anyone actually remember any bombings whatsoever in Des Moines?  Do the robots know how to dismantle pressure cookers?  Do they have secret settings to burn Chris Dormer alive so he never sees a camera, never has a jury of peers, and can never tell the world what he knew the LAPD shot so many bullets into wrong vehicles to make certain Dormer never revealed to the public?  If the Des Moines $180,000 robots have those kinds of settings, then at least we could justify the price tag on them, but we still can't justify Des Moines having two of them, can we?

Ohio stat university got an MRAP, a mine resistant armored vehicle.  You know, there's probably a larger problem with mines on the Ohio State University campus than any of us know.  Mines, you know, they're buried in the ground, and then explode.  Perhaps OSU should have simply hired more security so folks wouldn't dig so many mine holes on the campus?

I know one thing for sure, and that is nothing in this world makes me more nervous than a police officer.  I'm certain a violent non police officer would be nerve wracking to be around, or even deadly, but he'd not be so terrifying as a violent police officer who's going to kill you, and most likely frame your murder into something where you threatened him.  Imagine such a person with military hardware going to his head.

Now all of this has a name, it's all the stuff of a program, something set up to do these things.  It's all part of some "recycling" program.  Perhaps we could simply stop giving the pentagon so much damned money, and keep it ourselves instead?  In fact, while we're at it, we should probably stop dropping ten thousand dollar bombs on people living in tents in Pakistan, and giving mass murdering war monger habitual liars like Barack Hussein Obama peace prizes too, would that be too much to ask?  Or should I be more concerned about some two billion dollar celebrity like Oprah Winfrey saying I'm racist for not loving it to see Obama break every promise he ever makes, and violate the United States Constitution worse than all Presidents before him combined?

IED-Resistant Military Vehicle - I'm Sure Ohio State University Needs One Of These, Aren't You?

IED-Resistant Military Vehicle

You know, I don't claim to be some sort of wise man, but I do know the history of the world is about empires crumbling to the ground.  I also know that when human beings get so fat with wealth and plenty as Americans did during my lifetime, they tend to then become so profoundly stupid they elect people who are habitual liars, people who tell them exactly what they want to hear, and instead of doing anything about anything, they bicker and moan about the most frivolous things imaginable until it's too late, and they only then, when all is gone, realize how pathetic their downfall was, how preventable.

In the USA today, we still have such an entitled mentality it's disgusting; we can be given wonderful things, and then we don't appreciate them.  We're so disengaged from the people around us we don't tend to know what their fears and dreams are, and we're so enraptured with ourselves we can't hear any voice that doesn't tell us things we are familiar with.  When I think of all the problems in this world around me, the last solution to any of them is ever some police officer with an armored mine resistant vehicle, and robot helicopters.  I can't see how any of those things can make my life better, or improve the lives of anyone I have ever met who is currently living, and in the USA.

I also can't imagine a worse use of the tax dollars paid in by people increasingly going ill for the myriad stressors in their lives.  I can't imagine how any love for another could be transmitted by Obama administration having Department of Homeland Security purchase untold millions of illegal armor piercing bullets[7].  I look around for all these enemies, and all I see is the federal government, as they are the ones armed to kill us all, and by extension, the petty police departments, their horrific drug war for corporate profits and political servitude mentality within the masses.  We're so beaten down in the populace we don't even force the two faced POTUS Obama to address the issue of the world's largest prison population, or how loads of it involves for profit prisons, we're too busy getting worked up over nonsensical issues to care what is even happening to the man next door to us.  When I think of the problems the common men and women I talk to are having, none of them are solved by wasting their taxes on bullet proof vests for cops.  Thanks for reading.

One Of The Worst Human Beings Alive, Barack Hussein Obama

Obama "military weapons"