Have the Prescription Companies Been Lying to Us About Acid Reflux?

I have always thought that acid reflux was something caused by having an excessive amount of acidity in your stomach. Eating or drinking certain things increased the acidity in your stomach, and the heartburn began. At least, that is what I believed until just recently.

What I learned was this: many common acid reflux cases are actually caused by there not being enough acidity in your stomach. You see, the hydrochloric acid that exists within all of us is desperately needed for proper digestion. When you don't have enough of it, the things you consume sit in your stomach for longer than they should, and the slow dissolving of these foods and drinks creates gas that pushes its way upwards and outwards, as gas tends to do.

When you are experiencing heartburn and acid reflux, most of the time, your stomach is actually digesting the things you ate too slowly. Now, if you take a look at most of the widely accepted products available to you to deal with common acid reflux and heartburn, you see that most of them are "antacids" or focused on weakening or lessening the amount of hydrochloric acid in your stomach.

This is a fix for heartburn, but it is also a temporary one that may very well have some consequences. If you are constantly taking antacids to limit your heartburn symptoms, then you can expect to end up with a really bad case of them eventually. If you really want to get rid of your heartburn, you have to assist your body in digestion. After all, acid reflux is a problem with digestion at the end of the day.

Where did I learn all this about acid reflux and heartburn, you ask? I'm not a doctor!

I am just a person who knows what it's like to spend another sleepless night scouring the internet for those digital gems that we all come across from time to time. What I found was a news article on an old Amish remedy for acid reflux. The article explained the real causes of acid reflux, and how the Amish came up with the perfect natural mixture to beat it.

Using just 3 natural and organic ingredients combined with a process known as "stacked blending", a concoction is made that can get rid of heartburn and acid reflux in 60 seconds. Caleb Treeze Organic Farm took this Amish remedy and turned it into a product that anyone could buy, and they offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who purchases directly from them, so I had to give it a try.

The stuff works, I love it; what more can I say. If you've got some problems with reflux and heartburn, I'd really recommend you order a bottle of this amish remedy from Caleb Treeze Organic Farm.