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Many new authors at Infobarrel are confused about earnings. They dutifully write an article or two, (or more), and wait for the earnings to roll in. For many people, however, it just doesn't work like that anymore.

There was a time when simply posting any content would result in traffic. The Internet was much smaller and viewers were starved for good content. Over the past few years, the situation has changed. As most people know, there is now a tremendous amount of information in virtually any imaginable topic. Now to get traffic, an author has to be more deliberate with their articles. Traffic is important, of course, because a large number of viewers can become buyers, resulting in revenue for the author.

Each Infobarrel article is essentially selling something. It could be a product related to the main topic of the article. It could be positioning the author as an authority in the described field. The selling is subtle, however. Most articles that demand payment, ("Pay $1 to read this article"), are wildly unsuccessful. Instead, the selling tactics are very passive. Advertisements are placed on the viewer's screen in a way that is fairly unobtrusive. Viewers come to the article because they are interested in the topic. While there, they are enticed by a displayed ad. Some will click on the ad. Some of these will buy the product. The author can then make some revenue from their work.

Many articles are published which turn out to be non-commercial. For example, an authority in a particular field can display their vast knowledge on Infobarrel. Unfortunately, this generates virtually no income, in many cases. Revenue from ads results when the ads are related to the topic. If the author is an authority on Egyptian Lizards, there may well be no advertisers willing to pay for topic related ads. The author cannot earn revenue.

Similarly, many authors do not take advantage of the Amazon sales link. While many topics are not appropriate for this revenue earning method, many are. Even an article about Egyptian Lizards can benefit. Amazon listings for lizard books, aquariums, etc, can be placed along with the article.

When your article is finished, you can gain a lot of knowledge through research. Is your topic popular or not? If not, you will likely get a small audience. In order to profit, you must provide very relevant ads to the small audience. Being a small audience, the revenue earning actions, (clicks, purchases, etc.), are likely rare. The author should provide some higher valued items for the audience to consider. Relevant jewelry could be appropriate. Amazon has a lot of items so search extensively for matching goods. Mix in items with low, medium and high values.

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Focusing is good!

If your article topic is truly non-commercial, you may gain credibility through it. Provide your great content which shows you as an expert in the field. Follow-up with a series of related articles in the field. In a very focused topic, (Egyptian Lizards), you could be seen as the authority with even a small series of articles. Each would address a different aspect of the field. Link them together.

You must also ensure that your message is broadcast. The Infobarrel site will notify search engines about your new articles. You should notify your friends, and others who would be interested. You can Tweet your article on Twitter. You can post a link on Pinterest. There are other useful social media sites as well. Anything you do to to attract attention is good.

To be successful writing articles for Infobarrel, you must provide good content. There must be an audience of viewers. The viewers must have opportunities to purchase items, or at least interact with advertisements. Your content is best when it addresses a specific topic, and if there are relatively few other articles that cover the topic.

When your article is finished, keep checking the performance. Getting comments from others, or likes/tweets/posts, etc, indicates that you have reached an audience. This may translate into more traffic for your other articles as well. When everything is working for you, your revenue should naturally increase.

This site offers you an excellent opportunity to earn money from home. Virtually anyone can do it. By following a few good practices, you can be successful. Keep checking your results and be sure to make small adjustments as necessary. Most of all, keep writing excellent content, and good luck with your articles.

The reference article for Newbies provides more details that you can use when starting out as an author. Many of the tips can help you right away. For even more information, be sure to check out the excellent forum that is provided to all site authors. There you will find a wealth of information. You can also ask questions from a group of knowledgeable people who have many years of experience.


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Diversify for maximum earning potential.The Internet changes all the time. Writing for a single site can limit your opportunities. Consider the benefit of writing articles for other sites as well. This will lessen your difficulty when future changes occur.

Writing from home has changed a lot over the years. Where it was once lucrative to publish any type of content, search engines now are much more intelligent. Ranking highly, still a valuable accomplishment, is now harder than ever. To do so, you must publish good content which is easily indexed by the search engines. Your engagement with the audience now factors into your ranking as well. Unfortunately, as soon as you are very successful, the Internet may change and your positions may be negatively affected. This has happened many times. By writing great content, and engaging with your audience, you can be successful regardless of the changes brought by search engines.