For those looking to store important files, Dropbox is an extremely powerful FREE online storage solution.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a website that allows you to store any of your important files that you want.  After downloading software onto any computer that you will be using to share files, they will be synced to each computer instantly.  You can then pull up your files on any computer where you have downloaded the software.  You can also view your files on their website if you are at a different computer than normal.

How Does Dropbox Work?

Dropbox works by downloading their software onto your computer.  You can download onto any computer that you use regularly.  This software then updates any changes you make to your file and is automatically updated on every computer you use.

The files are also available online if you logon that way.  This is great when you are traveling and need to look at an important file.  No more memory sticks to take with you everywhere.  Dropbox eliminates the need for that.


Exciting Dropbox Features

Here are some of the best features of Dropbox:

  • It’s FREE!!
  • You can work from anywhere.  When you save a file it is automatically synced between every computer you have the software installed on.
  • There are mobile apps available.  Download the software to your mobile device and you can even check your files from your phone.
  • No more memory sticks!
  • No more emailing files to your home email from your work email when you want to work on a file from home.
  • By storing important files in your Dropbox folder, you are creating an online backup.  If your computer crashes you will still have your important files.
  • Dropbox stores all versions of your files for 30 days so if you need an earlier version you can use the undo/delete button to recover them.

You have the ability to put files in a public file that you can give access to anyone you want so that you can share files.  You can give a co-worker access to just a public file and only they can access a file you are working on together.

Who Should Use Dropbox?

Everyone can benefit from using Dropbox, whether you are just using the same files at your work and home computers or you are working on a group project and need an online sharing folder, you can benefit from this free service.  By signing up with Dropbox you will be giving yourself a powerful online storage tool.