Education constitutes to the progress and development of a nation. Especially in this world today wherein knowledge is indicative of our future, how much we can earn, and our status in the society, education is very important. Education is a way to learn how to live in this modern and complicated world. If you want a comfortable living with money to pay for the bills and some extra for leisure, then getting a good education is one of the basic foundations of a brighter future. With good education, you will not only be open for opportunities, opportunities may even come to you instead.

When you look around you, you will see that almost everything around is a product of knowledge, and knowledge is predominantly learned in school. As you can see, education is very important and it plays a big part in everyone's health, comfort, and living. Every progress and every development is a product of knowledge and skills learned in through education.

In the United States, the nation is further improving their education system because it is their goal to improve the development of the country by producing more and more competent professionals. Individuals also have that goal and ambition to have a successful career. Nowadays many employers and companies are increasing their standards. They require a more competent employee to work and serve with quality performance and the basis of such competence always goes back to the education of the employee. An employee or applicant that has a higher educational attainment is generally considered more competent another one with a lower degree or education.

Education is very achievable for most people in the United States, even a college degree. The government is now making appeals and programs to help people afford their fees. Having a college degree is deemed important especially for those who want to work in a senior position while earning a high salary. This level of education takes years and years to complete, but the rewards will all be worth it in the end. You can see the difference between how much a high school graduate earns from that of a college graduate. The salary will be so much higher for those who have completed grad school like master's and doctoral degrees. Job opportunities for those who are high school graduates are generally limited, and those who aspire to high level positions generally have to spend many years working their way up the ladder.

As a first world country, the United States continues to develop the nation first by improving the quality of their human resources. Great value is placed on the education system because of this goal.